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Samsung has introduced two new 0.8-μm image sensors for use in upcoming smartphones. The new sensors are the 48 MP ISOCELL Bright GM2 for advanced handsets as well as the 64 MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 for flagship phones. Both 0.8-μm image sensors not only feature very high resolutions via use of very small pixels, but they support a number of technologies designed to improve image quality.

Canon Will Soon Ship T1i 15.1 Megapixel HD Video DSLR

15.1 Megapixel, High ISO and HD Video featured on new entry DSLR.

19 by Wesley Fink on 4/20/2009

PMA 2009: Panasonic GH1 & Olympus E620

All the “DSLR” action at PMA was in 4/3 as Olympus launched the E-620 and Panasonic added HD video with real auto-focus to Micro 4/3 with the new GH1.

13 by Wesley Fink on 3/9/2009

First Look: Canon 5D Mark II

High ISO performance and noise compared to Canon 5D, Nikon D700/D3, and Sony A900.

40 by Wesley Fink on 12/4/2008

Nikon Announces 24.5 Megapixel D3x

24.5 Megapixel, 51-point AF, 14-bit RAW, GPS module, and continuous full-frame capture at 5 FPS

29 by Wesley Fink on 12/1/2008

Digital Cameras for the Holidays

A Buyer's Guide for digital cameras from $100 Point-and-Shoots to $3000 full-frame DSLRs - and everything in between.

41 by Wesley Fink on 11/27/2008

Olympus Announces E-30 Digital SLR

12.3 Megapixel, Fast 11-point dual-cross Auto Focus, 2.7 inch tilt-and-swivel LCD, Art filters, and fast Live View autofocus with new high-speed imager 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 II lens.

22 by Wesley Fink on 11/6/2008

Sony A900: A Closer Look at 24.6MP Resolution and Noise

The 24.6 Megapixel Sony A900 is the highest resolution sensor in the full-frame DSLR class. Does high ISO noise mar the picture?

46 by Wesley Fink on 10/27/2008

Sony A200: Entry DSLR Roundup

The Sony A200 mildly updates the A100, cuts the price in half, and inspires an Entry DSLR Roundup. Does the A200 deliver standout value in a crowded entry DSLR market?

33 by Wesley Fink on 10/20/2008

Photokina 2008: Full-Frame and Megapixels Rule

Photokina brought announcements of the new midrange Olympus DSLR and Micro Four Thirds compact, Kodak 37.5MP sensor, Pentax entry K-m DSLR, and more. The biggest announcements were in the...

16 by Wesley Fink on 9/26/2008

Canon Announces 21.1 Megapixel 5D Mark II

The long-anticipated Canon 5D Mark II is announced – HD Video, 3.9 fps, 9 point AF, $2699, and 21.1 MP.

39 by Wesley Fink on 9/17/2008

Panasonic G1: Smallest and Lightest Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera

Panasonic has announced a tiny 12MP, tilt-and swivel LCD, interchangeable lens camera. This is the first camera based on the new Micro Four Thirds standard.

21 by Wesley Fink on 9/15/2008

Sony A900 Full-Frame: Hands-On Preview

At 24.6MP it's the highest-res DSLR, and the A900 is the first full-frame with body-integrated IS (image stabilization). Does the Sony A900 flagship deliver performance as promised?

53 by Wesley Fink on 9/12/2008

Biggest Guns Still Missing from Pre-Photokina Announcements

Pre-Photokina announcements are everywhere, but we are still expecting at least two more announcements of new full-frame DSLR cameras. Perhaps there will be even more full-frame choices.

18 by Wesley Fink on 9/5/2008

NIKON Announces D90 Digital SLR

12.3 megapixels, ISO 6400, 11-point AF, and a 920,000 dot 3" LCD are featured on the upcoming D90.

21 by Wesley Fink on 8/27/2008

Olympus E-520: Update to a Top Seller

The best-selling E-510 Digital SLR now morphs into the E-520. The updated E-520 borrows heavily from the Pro E-3. Does it live up to its promise?

14 by Wesley Fink on 8/26/2008

Canon 50D: 15.1 Megapixels, ISO 12800, & 6.3 fps

Canon Announces their new 15.1 Megapixel replacement for the 40D. The 50D will start shipping in October.

26 by Wesley Fink on 8/26/2008

Noiseware Noise Reduction

Not all image processing is created equal, but Noiseware can often reduce noise that in-camera or software processing leaves behind.

61 by Wesley Fink on 7/28/2008

Canon XS: 10.1 Megapixels, Live View, and a Lower Price

The Canon XS sells for $200 less than the current XSi, but it retains most of the EOS XSi features in a new 10.1 megapixel body.

16 by Wesley Fink on 7/8/2008

Nikon Announces the D700: Second Full-Frame Nikon

Nikon announces a cheaper, smaller Full-Frame DSLR to fill in the gap between the $1799 D300 and the $5000 D3. Where does the new Nikon fit in the...

21 by Wesley Fink on 7/2/2008

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