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Samsung has introduced two new 0.8-μm image sensors for use in upcoming smartphones. The new sensors are the 48 MP ISOCELL Bright GM2 for advanced handsets as well as the 64 MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 for flagship phones. Both 0.8-μm image sensors not only feature very high resolutions via use of very small pixels, but they support a number of technologies designed to improve image quality.

Sigma SD14 on Vacation

We bit our tongue and took the Foveon sensor Sigma SD14 on vacation to the Caribbean. Did the SD14 add to the fun or did its limitations prove too...

21 by Wesley Fink on 6/19/2008

Sigma SD14: Quick Look at a Quirky Wonder

Those who march to a different drummer can choose the Sigma SD14 with a Foveon sensor. Is the Foveon sensor truly unique or is it just a case...

40 by Wesley Fink on 6/3/2008

The Digital Sensor: Part 2

A continuation of our look at digital camera sensors, image noise, and resolution at extended speed settings.

22 by Wesley Fink on 5/20/2008

Olympus E-520: Improved IS, Double Live View, and More

Olympus introduces an update to the best-selling E-510 Digital SLR. Faster Processing, Improved Image Stabilization, and the addition of Contrast-Detect AF are all promised.

23 by Wesley Fink on 5/14/2008

Canon XSi: 12.2 Megapixels, Image Stabilized Lens, and Double Live View

Are 12MP, two flavors of Live View, and an Image Stabilized kit lens enough to keep Canon in front in the fiercely competitive entry DSLR market?

56 by Wesley Fink on 5/5/2008

The Digital Sensor: A Guide to Understanding Digital Cameras

A look at digital camera sensors, their development, and their impact on Field of View, Resolution, and Image Noise.

72 by Wesley Fink on 4/21/2008

Sony A350: Full-Time Live View at 14.2MP

UPDATED: ALL NEW IMAGES AND ACTUAL PIXEL CROPS For A350, Pentax K20D, and Canon 5D. Sony is shipping another new DSLR – the $799 14.2MP A350 with tilt...

113 by Wesley Fink on 4/3/2008

Pentax K20D First Impressions

The highest resolution DSLR you can buy for less than $8000 is now shipping. Does the $1299 14.6 megapixel K20D live up to expectations?

50 by Wesley Fink on 3/11/2008

Olympus E-420: World's Smallest Digital SLR

Olympus introduces the world's smallest Digital SLR. Based on the 4/3 system, the new camera is complete with small lens choices for the smallest complete DSLR system you can buy.

16 by Wesley Fink on 3/5/2008

PMA Has A Few Surprises

The expected new models were here, but PMA also launched Quick AF Live View, a 14.2 megapixel entry DSLR, and smile shutter.

22 by Wesley Fink on 2/1/2008

Digital Camera Buyers' Guide - Year of the SLR

Features have improved and prices are coming down, so we provide help for choosing a digital SLR.

74 by Wesley Fink on 11/23/2007

Digital SLR Buyer's Guide

Help with choosing an entry level, mid, or 10 megapixel Digital SLR, with prices from $400 to $1100.

89 by Wesley Fink on 12/26/2006

Digital Photography from 20,000 Feet

A guide to Digital SLR Photography for the uninitiated.

81 by Wesley Fink on 9/25/2006

An In-Depth Look at 4 Ultra-compact Digicams

In our review of 4 ultra-compact digicams, we take an in-depth look at some of the most popular models available to find out which is the best buy. Read...

35 by Stephen Caston on 7/18/2005

Sony DSC-M1: Good Video, Disappointing Pictures

The Sony DSC-M1 is marketed as a hybrid camera that can record fantastic video and take great pictures. In our review, however, we found that the M1 falls short...

21 by Stephen Caston on 6/20/2005

Canon Digital Rebel XT: Hardly an Entry-Level DSLR

In our latest camera review, we put Canon's newest digital SLR through our battery of tests. We found that it offers very impressive quality and features for the price...

27 by Stephen Caston on 5/3/2005

AnandTech Guide to Better Photos: Post-Processing

In our latest guide to better photos, we are going to look at some easy ways to improve your images with Photoshop or Elements. In most cases, it only...

21 by Stephen Caston on 3/18/2005

Coolpix 4100: 4 Megapixel Entry-level Nikon for Under $200

In our review of the Coolpix 4100, we found that it may be an affordable point-and-shoot camera, but it certainly has some areas that could use improvement. Read our...

16 by Stephen Caston on 3/11/2005

Canon PowerShot SD300: The Best Ultra-Compact in its Class?

It is hard to find a reason not to like this camera. During our time with the SD300, we found ourselves constantly impressed with its speed and quality. Check...

30 by Stephen Caston on 2/23/2005

AnandTech Guide to Better Photos: Night Photography

In our latest guide to better photos, we will be exploring the possibilities of night photography. With a little patience and know-how, you can capture some breathtaking night photos...

23 by Stephen Caston on 2/18/2005

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