This morning at a keynote in New York City, Apple took the wraps off of their latest notebook update, the 2018 MacBook Air. The entry-level member of Apple’s laptop lineup is finally getting a much-anticipated redesign, which is seeing the laptop adopt most of the same design characteristics and technologies as Apple’s other laptops, including TouchID and Apple’s T2 controller. Still coming in with a 13.3-inch screen – and now in Retina – the laptop will be shipping on November 7th.

Apple Updates MacBook Pro Family for 2018: More CPU Cores, DDR4, & Same Form Factors

A surprising no-show at this year’s Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference was any kind of hardware refresh for Apple’s Mac products. While WWDC is first and foremost a software...

103 by Ryan Smith on 7/12/2018

Bringing Vulkan to Apple's Platforms: Khronos Group Announces Open Source MoltenVK 1.0 & SDKs

One of the unfortunate outcomes of Apple's desire to build their own top-to-bottom software ecosystems is that the company has gradually pulled away from supporting common APIs, particularly in...

19 by Nate Oh on 2/26/2018

Apple Announces Q1 FY 2018 Earnings

This afternoon Apple announced their earnings, and for the quarter, they had record revenues of $88.293 billion, which is up 13% from the same quarter a year ago. Margins...

13 by Brett Howse on 2/1/2018

Apple Refreshes Mac Laptops: Pro, Vanilla, & Air All Get New CPUs

Today at their annual Worldwide Developer Conference, the company announced a slew of hardware updates for their entire range of laptops. Every last laptop, from the mighty MacBook Pro...

53 by Ryan Smith on 6/5/2017

Apple "Hello Again" 2016 Event Live Blog

We're here ready to go for another set of Apple Announcements!

110 by Ryan Smith & Ian Cutress on 10/27/2016

A First Look At Apple's macOS Sierra

As with past years, Apple's WWDC 2016 keynote showcased the upcoming updates to Apple's operating systems and developer tools. It's hard to believe that iOS is now on its...

81 by Brandon Chester on 7/13/2016

Apple Opens The macOS Sierra Public Beta

macOS Sierra was announced at this year's WWDC, and by this point it's now on its second beta release for developers. Today Apple is making a beta version of...

15 by Brandon Chester on 7/7/2016

Apple Announces macOS Sierra: Siri, Better iOS Convergence, New Metal Features, & More

With Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in full swing, as part of the company’s annual festivities they have unveiled the next version of their venerable Macintosh operating system...

32 by Ryan Smith on 6/14/2016

Apple Announces Q2 Fiscal Year 2016 Results: iPhone Sales Slowed But Services Gain

This afternoon, Apple released their Q2 earnings for fiscal year 2016, which ended on March 26. The company saw revenues decline for the first time since Q1 2003, according...

41 by Brett Howse on 4/26/2016

Apple Recalls "Duckhead" Power Adapters for Select Mac Laptops and iPads

Apple has announced today that they are recalling AC wall plug adapters for its MacBook laptops and iPads in select countries. The issue stems from a design flaw that...

25 by Anton Shilov on 1/28/2016

Apple Reports Q1 FY 2016 Results: Record Revenue Despite Flat iPhone Sales

Today Apple announced their quarter 1 earnings, and once again Apple had record revenue of $75.9 billion, and a record quarterly profit of $18.4 billion. Revenue is up 2%...

18 by Brett Howse on 1/26/2016

Apple Open Sources The Swift Programming Language

Back in June at WWDC 2015 Apple surprised a number of people by announcing that they would be making their Swift programming language open source in the near future...

70 by Brandon Chester on 12/3/2015

Apple FY 2015 Q4 Results: Record Fourth Quarter With 48 Million iPhones Sold

Today Apple released their Q4 results from fiscal year 2015, and in what seems like an almost unending cycle, the company has once again set a new record for...

44 by Brett Howse on 10/27/2015

Apple Updates The iMac Line With a 21.5" Retina Model

Almost exactly one year ago Apple launched their first ever iMac with Retina display at their October 2014 event. The launch had a number of surprises, with one of...

46 by Brandon Chester on 10/13/2015

Apple Announces Release Dates for iOS 9, watchOS 2, and OS X El Capitan

Today Apple made a number of new announcements at their fall 2015 event. There are two new iPhones, two new iPads, and a new Apple TV set top box...

8 by Brandon Chester on 9/9/2015

Apple Reports Q3 FY 2015 Results: Record Results With Strong iPhone And Mac Sales

Today Apple released their earnings for Q3 of fiscal year 2015, which ended June 27th. In what seems to be a never-ending sequence of records, once again, Apple posted...

83 by Brett Howse on 7/21/2015

A First Look At Apple's OS X El Capitan

Right on schedule, at last week’s World Wide Developers Conference Apple announced the next iteration of their desktop OS, OS X. Version 10.11, dubbed El Capitan, is the latest...

100 by Ryan Smith on 6/15/2015

NVIDIA Acquires Game Porting Group & Tech From Transgaming

While NVIDIA’s core businesses and gaming have been inseparable since the start, it’s only relatively recently that NVIDIA has become heavily involved in game creation itself, and not just...

56 by Ryan Smith on 6/13/2015

Apple’s Metal API Comes to OS X Desktops

At last year’s WWDC, Apple introduced their Metal API for iOS 8. A low-level graphics API, Metal was originally designed to bring the benefits of low-level graphics programming to...

63 by Ryan Smith on 6/10/2015

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