Back in December 2020, TeamGroup announced its intentions for the switch to DDR5 memory on future platforms. During Computex 2021, TeamGroup claims it has 'successfully taken the lead over competing PCB manufacturers', with the first of its announced products for DDR5, the Elite DDR5-4800 16 GB module. Back at CES 2021, ADATA claimed that it has a DDR5 module in hand, but it sent us rendered images. We ultimately disapprove of this practice - don't state you have it in hand until you are ready to provide us actaul photographs of the thing. Unfortunately, TeamGroup has done the same here, providing renders. not photographs.

The Road to DDR5

Over the last year, we've highlighted certain aspects of DDR5 memory and what users can expect, including features, memory latency, and technological advancements over the current DDR4 memory. Some of which can be seen below:

TeamGroup's announcement hasn't come as a surprise given how long DDR5 has been speculated and discussed over the last year. One of the first platforms to supposedly feature DDR5 support is Intel's Alder Lake microarchitecture, which is expected to land in Q4 2021/Q1 2022. The first series of DDR5 from TeamGroup will be based on its 'Elite' memory series, with the first kit to feature speeds of 4800 MT/s, sub-timings of CL40-40-40-77, and will feature an operating voltage of 1.1 V.

One of the primary features of DDR5 is integrated on-die ECC, which is designed to improve overall system stability (but is actually more to do with yield). This is different to module-wide ECC, which DDR5 does not support by default (you still need a module-wide ECC module to support ECC technology). The information provided by TeamGroup say the Elite DDR5-4800 has double the banks compared to DDR4, with an all-black PCB. It is unclear whether or not the Elite DDR5-4800 will feature heatsinks, or they will operate with a bare PCB. We also know that it will feature 16 GB of capacity and will likely be sold as a dual-channel kit, and perhaps individually.

At present, there's no information on latency timings or how much the Elite DDR5-4800 16 GB module will cost, but TeamGroup does state that it will be unveiling its 'new generation' of products in September 2021.

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