Today NVIDIA is announcing some big updates to their mobile Quadro lineup, and the Santa Clara company has announced new products, new reference designs, and a wide-range of upcoming products from NVIDIA’s partners to showcase all of the design effort put in. NVIDIA’s Turing architecture was unveiled roughly a year ago bringing the addition of real-time ray tracing support to the company’s already strong GPU lineup. Since then, we’ve seen the transition to GeForce RTX cards in laptops as well. The missing piece was the Quadro RTX for laptops, which is a piece that is no longer missing. The top of the product stack will be the Quadro RTX 6000, featuring a massive 24 GB of memory, and as is typical of NVIDIA’s laptop cards...

NVIDIA @ SIGGRAPH 2019: NV to Enable 30-bit OpenGL Support on GeForce/Titan Cards

Kicking off this week is SIGGRAPH, the annual North American professional graphics gathering that sees everyone from researchers to hardware vendors come together to show off new ideas and...

36 by Ryan Smith on 7/29/2019

NVIDIA Launches Studio Branding Program: High Performance Content Creation Laptops

As part of their Computex press briefing this afternoon, NVIDIA is taking the wraps off of a new laptop branding program, which they are calling NVIDIA Studio. Under the...

19 by Ryan Smith on 5/27/2019

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