Today Qualcomm is announcing a new entry into their premium tier Snapdragon 700-series with the brand-new Snapdragon 750G platform and SoC. The new SoC, as its name implies, lies slightly below the popular Snapdragon 765/768 series released earlier this year, but since it’s a newer design, employs some new IP, such as new Cortex-A77 based performance cores. The chip on paper looks extremely similar to the Snapdragon 690 which was released last June, however the 750G does have some important distinctions such as the inclusion of mmWave 5G connectivity support which enables it to be Qualcomm’s lowest-end chipset with the feature, positioning itself as an important chipset for the US market. Qualcomm Snapdragon Premium SoCs 2019-2020 SoC Snapdragon 768G Snapdragon 765 / 765G Snapdragon 750G (NEW) Snapdragon 730G / 732G CPU 1x Cortex A76 @ 2.8GHz 1x...

MidiLand S4 8200 5.1 Speakers

MidiLand did a fantastic job on this 5.1 solution, from its metallic looking casing to the high quality audio that it reproduces. It's a 5.1 solution that will be...

2 by Jason Clark on 4/12/2000

Cambridge SoundWorks Digital 2.1 Speakers

Cambridge SoundWorks has been making solutions for the 2 channel market for awhile. The market has changed a bit - users are a bit more demanding about their sound...

0 by Jason Clark on 4/8/2000

Pine D'Music MP3 Player

With our ongoing coverage of portable MP3 players we have Pine's D'Music MP3 player. While the D'Music isn't the most popular MP3 player around, it actually turned out...

0 by Kiran Venkatesh on 3/19/2000

Best Data CABO MP3 Player

For our first look at a portable MP3 player we took a look at Best Data's first entry into the portable MP3 player market. The CABO MP3 player...

2 by Kiran Venkatesh on 3/12/2000

VideoLogic Sirocco CrossFire

VideoLogic, a division of Imagination Technologies, has recently started offering their products in North America. The first set of speakers from VideoLogic being reviewed here at AnandTech is the Sirocco Crossfire.

1 by Jason Clark on 2/19/2000

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