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When Apple cancelled its AirPower wireless charging mat earlier this year, many users of the company’s latest devices got upset, yet spawned a number of third-party options that offer similar functionality. One of such products is the AirUnleashed wireless charging mat that looks like Apple’s AirPower and can charge up to three Qi devices simultaneously. There is a catch, of course.

Apple Cancels AirPower Wireless Charging Mat

Apple today has cancelled its AirPower wireless charging mat, citing the difficulties the company has encountered in getting the mat to meet its ‘high standards’. The company emphasized that...

30 by Anton Shilov on 3/29/2019

Dive In: Catalyst Has Apple Watch Protection for Up to 100 Meters

When smartwatches emerged several years ago, they were good enough to work as pedometers or count calories burned when their owner used an elliptical strider. However they were not...

22 by Anton Shilov on 3/1/2019

Apple 2017: Announcing a new Apple Watch Series 3, with Intel LTE/Cellular

Today at Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple announced its new Apple Watch, called the Series 3. This is a new model above the Series 2 announced last year...

44 by Ian Cutress on 9/12/2017

The Apple 2017 iPhone Event Live Blog

We're here at Apple's new Steve Jobs theater on their new corporate campus for the company's annual iPhone reveal event

125 by Ryan Smith & Joe Shields on 9/12/2017

The Apple Watch Series 2 Review: Building Towards Maturity

Back in the first half of 2015 Apple released the first version of the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch was a long-rumored product, often referred to as the iWatch...

126 by Brandon Chester on 12/20/2016

Hands On With the Apple Watch Series 2

For better or worse, Apple is pushing on with their smartwatch endeavors in the form of the Apple Watch Series 2. For the most part I would say that...

31 by Joshua Ho on 9/8/2016

Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 2

In addition to announcing the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus today, Apple introduced Apple Watch Series 2. Like all first-generation products, the original Apple Watch had some...

15 by Matt Humrick on 9/7/2016

Apple Announces WatchOS 3

While Apple Watch and watchOS 1 was a solid first step towards seriously addressing the smartwatch market, it was obvious to me that it was still in need of...

20 by Joshua Ho on 6/13/2016

Apple Releases watchOS 2

Five days ago Apple released iOS 9, the latest major release of their operating system for smartphones and tablets. They also planned to release the first major upgrade to...

6 by Brandon Chester on 9/21/2015

Apple Delays Release Of watchOS 2 Due To Unspecified Bug

Today Apple will release iOS 9, and Apple Watch users were also supposed to receive an update to watchOS 2 which comes with a number of significant improvements to...

11 by Brandon Chester on 9/16/2015

The Apple Watch Review

Prior to the launch of the Apple Watch, there had been rumors that Apple would make a watch for quite some time. In a broader sense, the wearables industry...

270 by Joshua Ho & Brandon Chester on 7/20/2015

Apple Announces watchOS 2

In addition to OS X El Capitan and iOS 9, Apple has announced an upcoming update to the watchOS operating system that powers the Apple Watch. This will be...

7 by Brandon Chester on 6/8/2015

Apple Brings Apple Pay To The United Kingdom

Today Apple announced that their Apple Pay service is coming to the United Kingdom in July. Apple Pay was launched in October of 2014, and was originally available only...

8 by Brandon Chester on 6/8/2015

Apple Watch Hands-On

By far the highlight of Apple’s Spring Forward event was the Apple Watch. Though announced back in September, Apple has not allowed any hands-on time with the device until...

66 by Ryan Smith on 3/9/2015

Apple Reveals Apple Watch Details And Availability

Apple's Spring Forward event saw the launch of a new MacBook that greatly departs from the typical image of a notebook, the launch of iOS 8.2, and most importantly...

38 by Brandon Chester on 3/9/2015

Apple Releases iOS 8.2 With Apple Watch Support

Today at their Spring Forward event Apple made a number of announcements. One smaller but still important update to come from the event was the release of iOS 8.2...

7 by Brandon Chester on 3/9/2015

Apple Announces April Ship Date for Apple Watch

Today Apple announced their earnings and sales for the holiday quarter of 2014. The company sold 74.5 million iPhones, and had strong earnings which were fueled by the newly...

22 by Brandon Chester on 1/27/2015

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