Resolving Fine Lines

For our resolution test, we reset the camera to its default settings and then used the highest resolution and quality setting. For more information, refer to our Testing Procedures page. When reading this chart, the numbers represent lines per picture height (LPH). For example, the number 16 would represent 1,600 LPH. Below are 200% crops of the test. Click here to download the original TIFF file (WARNING: File is 23 MB!). Click on a crop below to see a JPEG version of the chart.

+1.3 EV
Click to enlarge.

In the horizontal crop above, the Coolpix 8400 puts in a great performance resolving lines out until 1,650 LPH. There is some discoloration that begins to appear around 1,600 LPH and continues until the end of the test pattern.

+1.3 EV
Click to enlarge.

In this vertical crop, the 8400 is able to resolve lines out until 1,700 LPH before moving to extinction around 2,000 LPH. Again, we can see a bit of discoloration appearing around 1,600 LPH. Overall, we are very impressed with the high resolving power of the Coolpix 8400.

The Timing Tests Color Reproduction


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  • pigdog - Wednesday, January 12, 2005 - link

    The return of the hairy hand! Reply
  • ShinGouki - Wednesday, January 12, 2005 - link

    Oops I've noticed its Mr Caston that is the author of the review sorry for the mistaken identity. Reply
  • ShinGouki - Wednesday, January 12, 2005 - link

    That you playing the guitar in those clips Anand?

    Don't suppose there's any hope you feel like starting a section on consumer to semi pro level audio recording hardware / software eg M-audio Audiophile or Terratecs DMX fire type cards not that Creative rubbish. Be nice to have anandtech quality reviews on that type of product and who knows might even cause them to release less buggy drivers if they are under more scrutiny.

    *sorry for being totally off topic :), in other news its nice to see you continue with the camera reviews*

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