Benchmarks: Windows

For both systems, we installed Windows: Windows 10 Pro on the small 8-core Dhyana system, and Windows 10 Enterprise on the big dual 32-core Dhyana Plus server. With AVX/AVX2 not working properly, our range of testing was limited. As mentioned previously, some software didn’t even want to run on one system or the other, such as CPU-Z on the server.

Corona 1.3 Renderer

PoV-Ray 3.7.1

Agisoft Photoscan 1.3.3: 2D to 3D Image Conversion

3D Particle Movement v2.1 (non-AVX)

AppTimer: GIMP 2.10.4

AES Encoding

Geekbench v4 Crypto (Single Thread)

From the numbers we can see that our 8-core Dhyana processor falls somewhere between the 6-core Ryzen 5 1600X and the 8-core Ryzen 6 1800X, due to clock speeds, but on particular tests it gets hammered by even the Athlon 200GE. The dual 32-core Dhyana Plus server seems to be in all sorts of a mess, often beaten by the Ryzen 7 1800X, or can now be easily beaten by the Ryzen 9 3950X. The one benchmark where it did really well was Corona – a memory/NUMA agnostic integer based renderer – it seems like a match made in heaven.

Hygon CPUs: Chinese Crypto, Different Performance Conclusions


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  • drexnx - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    Never thought I'd see the day Anandtech credits WCCFtech

    (not that it isn't due, it's just surprising)
  • DanNeely - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    It's never been that WCCFtech couldn't produce quality journalism, it's just that 99% of the time they go for lowest denominator clickbait from the rumors of the day. Reply
  • drexnx - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    it's not like I don't open a WCCF tab right after opening my Anandtech tab every day ;)

    the commentariat there though, hoo boy.
  • DanNeely - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    If you avoid the perpetual intel vs amd vs nvida vs samsung vs apple vs google vs ios vs android vs windows flamewar it can be decent. But the comment vomits on those articles make up 99.9% of the total site volume. Reply
  • Slash3 - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    The way I have attempted to describe it is that the comment section is essentially a rolling IRC chat filled with bored teenagers attempting to out-troll each other. Whatever most recent post about Intel, AMD or Nvidia happens to show up is where the comments move to, with little to no regard given to actual article context.

    It's kind of fascinating, and is absolutely a product of the utter lack of moderation.
  • peevee - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    Lisa Su committed treason by exporting high tech IP to an enemy country. Reply
  • drexnx - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    except she didn't, and if you read the article, it's clear these chips were neutered. Reply
  • sing_electric - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    Even ignoring the hyperbole in that comment (treason has a specific legal definition, involving actually being in a state of war), it isn't true: They got all applicable export licenses from the US government, AND even then, this article makes it pretty clear that they didn't give any Chinese company (or entity) the info they needed to start designing their own high-performance x86 cores in the future.

    And even if they DID design those cores, China doesn't have a foundry to make them in.

    That's in contrast to what a TON of other American companies have done when they create a joint venture to get to the Chinese market, where frequently significant amounts of IP find their way to Chinese companies.
  • bcronce - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    The definition of a word changes based on context, including speaker, target audience, and tone. There is no one definition. Reply
  • Ratman6161 - Thursday, February 27, 2020 - link

    The definition in common usage may change but sing_electric was specifically talking about the "legal definition" which does not change short of changing the law. Reply

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