Wi-Fi 6

One of the core criticisms of the Killer networking hardware has been hardware reliability and drivers. On the last generation product, the company did away with those by working with Intel, using Intel hardware, and Intel’s driver stack. Intel’s part of the deal was to include the hardware and IP from the Killer team in order to enable Killer’s features: Advanced Stream Detection, the Killer Intelligence Engine, and prioritization. This launch is in collaboration with Intel again, for the Wi-Fi 6 enabled AX1650 chip, available for integration in devices or as an M.2 module.

Qualcomm 5G Home Broadband Reference Design Announced: Aquantia Multi-Gig Ethernet Inside

One of the key target markets for 5G deployments is ‘the last mile of copper’ from the local cabinet to the home. In order to avoid churning up streets...

12 by Ian Cutress on 4/10/2019

Netgear Launches the Nighthawk RAX40 - An Affordable Intel-based Wi-Fi 6 Router

Netgear has been announcing new members in their Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax router family regularly over the last few months. We discussed the launch of the RAX80 and RAX120 in...

26 by Ganesh T S on 4/9/2019

Intel Launches Wi-Fi 6 AX200 Wireless Network Adapter

Intel has quietly launched its first Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) wireless network adapter, codenamed Cyclone Peak. The new WLAN adapter will deliver up to 2.4 Gbps network throughput when used...

13 by Anton Shilov on 4/3/2019

Qualcomm Launches the QCA6390 Chipset: 1.8 Gbps Wi-Fi 6 Ready with BlueTooth 5.1

With the upcoming ratification of the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard expected in August, a number of companies are gearing up with Wi-Fi 6 ‘ready’ routers and end-points to get...

8 by Ian Cutress on 2/25/2019

Netgear Orbi Whole-Home Wi-Fi System to Adopt Qualcomm's Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax Platform

Netgear's Orbi Wi-Fi system / mesh networking product line has been well-received in the market since its introduction in Q3 2016. Since then, Netgear has been regularly rolling out...

5 by Ganesh T S on 1/7/2019

TP-Link at CES 2019: Wallet-Friendly 802.11ax Products Announced

TP-Link recently introduced a couple of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) routers based on Broadcom's platform. At CES 2019, the company announced multiple new Wi-Fi 6 products to provide wallet-friendly entry...

5 by Ganesh T S on 1/7/2019

Snapdragon 855: 802.11ax-Ready / Wi-Fi 6 Demonstrations

While the headline features of the new Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform might be the 5G connectivity, or the Cat 24 LTE modem, or the new CPU/GPU combination, further down...

15 by Ian Cutress on 12/11/2018

5G Mobile Hotspots: Netgear for AT&T and inseego for Verizon

Most of the 5G deployments to date are using mobile hotspots – devices that convert a 5G signal into another form of data transfer, usually some form of ubiquitous...

8 by Ian Cutress on 12/10/2018

TP-Link Announces Archer AX6000 and AX11000 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Routers

TP-Link has announced pre-orders for their first 802.11ax router - the 8-stream Archer AX6000, along with technical details, pricing, and other information. In addition, a higher-end model, the Archer...

21 by Ganesh T S on 12/10/2018

Wi-Fi Naming Simplified: 802.11ax Becomes Wi-Fi 6

In a bid to simplify the naming of the current and future Wi-Fi standards and ensure that even unexperienced users buy the right equipment, Wi-Fi Alliance on Wednesday introduced...

19 by Anton Shilov on 10/3/2018

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