Pentium Gold

Intel has recently added eight unannounced desktop Coffee Lake processors to its MDDS (material declaration datasheet) database. Three new chips belong to the Core i3/i5 lineup are targeting mainstream PCs, whereas another five are Pentium Gold and Celeron products designed for entry-level systems. Their inclusion into the MDDS database likely precedes their formal introduction in the coming weeks or months. Intel has introduced six desktop Coffee Lake CPU models to date, and considering how broad the company’s processor lineups usually are, it is obvious that the chip maker is prepping more SKUs. A list containing dozens of unannounced CFL products leaked in late November gave us an idea what to expect from the Coffee Lake family in general, but without many specifications or a timeline...

Intel 8th Generation and 9th Generation Processor Lists Leaked: Coffee Lake Refresh?

Officially, Intel does not comment on unreleased products, which often has the knock-on effect that processors aren’t actually known about until the day they appear on shelves. In order...

87 by Ian Cutress on 11/24/2017

Intel Rebrands Kaby Lake Pentiums to Pentium Gold

Intel has announced plans to rebrand its current generation Pentium processors, and future generations, to 'Pentium Gold' chips. The rebranding reflects Intel’s intention to position the latest Pentium CPUs...

61 by Anton Shilov & Joe Shields on 10/12/2017

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