Google Assistant

Google has finally started to roll out its Google Assistant to its Android TV platform, where it is going to compete against Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri on respective platforms. The Google Assistant will first be available on NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV console, next on Sony’s Bravia TVs and then on other hardware running Android TV. Google launched its Assistant for smartphones about a year ago and since then expanded its reach to hundreds of millions of smartphones as well as its Google Home smart appliance. In both cases, Google tried to tailor the Assistant experienace for usage model of the appropriate devices: smartphones have relatively screens, whereas Home only has a speaker and a microphone (it can use TV as a display, but this is...

Google I/O 2017: Google Assistant Gets Smarter, Google Home Gets Free Calling & More

More and more people are using the phrase “Ok Google” to start a conversation to find information or perform actions using the Google Assistant. Launched last fall, the new...

17 by Matt Humrick on 5/18/2017

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