256 GB

At the all-digital Computex 2021 trade show, TeamGroup has announced a new high-capacity memory kit designed for the high-end desktop market and workstation use. The new TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4-3600 kit boasts a combined capacity of 256 GB with 8 x 32 GB modules. Whether it's ridiculous amounts of Google Chrome tabs or a more realistic use case such as video editing, the Xtreem ARGB DDR4-3600 256 GB kit aims to provide a premium solution for workstation users on compatible platforms such as AMD's Threadripper 3000 series or Intel's Cascade Lake-X. The memory itself has a rectangular mirror finish on its illuminated heatsinks, designed to produce a layered effect that TeamGroup says is 'dazzling.' Regarding the specifications, the 256 GB kit has eight 32 GB...

New ZADAK Twist DDR4 Memory, Up to DDR4-4133 and 256 GB

ZADAK has announced its latest range of DDR4 memory, the Twist series. Designed for users looking for a lower profile alternative to its previous memory brands, the Twist features...

7 by Gavin Bonshor on 5/6/2020

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