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Over promising and under delivering, that's what we were afraid of happening when Trident first told us about their XP4. And who wouldn't? After all, Trident was promising 80% of the performance of a GeForce4 Ti 4600 at a price tag under $99. Recently Trident became a little more ambitious and announced that their top of the line XP4 T3 would be able to deliver 70% of the performance of a Radeon 9700 Pro.

We're still about two weeks away from receiving hardware from Trident for review but we were able to schedule an impromptu meeting with them when they came to Raleigh. The drivers are still far away from being ready so the performance is understandably not up to par with what Trident's expectations are, but they are still on track to achieving their performance goals.

As a quick refresher here are the three members of the Trident XP4 line and their basic specifications:

Trident XP4 T1
Trident XP4 T2
Trident XP4 T3
Core Clock
Memory Bus
64-bit DDR
128-bit DDR
128-bit DDR
Memory Clock
300 - 350MHz
Memory Size

For more information make sure you read our XP4 Preview.

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