It's yet another fall and while it's not as happy of a time as it was a year or two ago, the technology companies are continuing on as usual.  It's now tradition to expect to see one or more new NVIDIA graphics card designs released every fall, just as they are done six months later in the Spring.  This tradition is a byproduct of NVIDIA's very aggressive six month product cycles, something that keeps competitors on their toes as well as quickly brings high graphics performance down to affordable price points. 

Just six months ago we were writing about NVIDIA's revolutionary GeForce3; and in spite of how revolutionary the product was we didn't recommend it as a card to purchase.  The first cards were priced too high and the added features and performance the card offered would not give you any tangible improvement in the majority of today's games.  For those of you that purchased for the long run and don't plan on upgrading your video cards for a while, you probably made the right decision.  For everyone else that did purchase GeForce3s recently, will NVIDIA's marketing line from one of the three cards being announced today will make you want to kick yourself? We're going to show you if the line "GeForce3 performance, at half the price" can really hold true.

This fall we are all getting the "refresh" to the GeForce3 line that we told everyone to wait for months ago.  While this refreshed GeForce3 line means greater performance, it also means lower prices for GeForce3 class performance which is never a bad thing. 

Relaxed Marketing: Titanium

NVIDIA has rarely had any problems with the branding on their products and their fall line continues the tradition of simple marketing by adding the "Titanium" name to all new products. 

As we just mentioned, there are three products being announced today all of which will be available immediately.  The products are:

GeForce3 Ti 500
GeForce3 Ti 200
GeForce2 Ti 200

The "Ti" obviously stands for Titanium, and the number actually denotes the effective memory clock of the card.  There's your first tidbit of technical information, now it's time to see what else is new about these three cards.

Not new, just faster
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