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On the AMK website, you'll find the LAN-0334 referred to as an "18 inch LAN case" often. The 18" reference is based on its height, which is how AMK refers to all their cases. As a "LAN party" case, its small enough to carry to such LAN parties, yet still large enough to hold your peripherals and cool your case properly while sticking to the standard ATX format.

The front bezel is a unique design that features a bulging power button on the lower half of the case. Just above the power button are the two external 3.5" bays, which are covered with unique curved drive bay cover. Rest assured, however, that when those covers are removed, the two external 3.5" drive bays are of the typical rectangular type. Two status LED's to the right of those bays indicate power and HDD access. The reset button is located just above those two LED's.

You can see from the outside of the case the modifications that AMK has done. Two large cooling fans have been added one to the top and one on the left side of the case. Finger guards cover both fans. More on cooling later.

Two screws hold each side panel in place, while the top panel is permanently affixed with rivets. Once the screws are removed, the side panels simply slide to the rear about an inch and then can be lifted off the case. Note that the left side panel, the one you'll need to remove most of the time, has a fan attached to it, which in turn has a power cable attached to it. This makes removing the panel a slightly trickier proposition than in a traditional case, which has nothing attached to the side panel.

Index Expansion & Motherboard Installation

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