Disclaimer June 25th: The benchmark figures in this review have been superseded by our second follow-up Milan review article, where we observe improved performance figures on a production platform compared to AMD’s reference system in this piece.

SPEC - Single-Threaded Performance

Single-thread performance of server CPUs usually isn’t the most important metric for most scale-out workloads, but there are use-cases such as EDA tools which are pretty much single-thread performance bound.

Power envelopes here usually don’t matter, and what is actually the performance factor that comes at play here is simply the boost clocks of the CPUs as well as the IPC improvement, and memory latency of the cores. We’re also testing the results here in NPS1 mode as if you have single-threaded bound workloads, you should prefer to use the systems in a single NUMA node mode.

SPECint2017 Rate-1 Estimated Scores

Generationally, the new Zen3-based 7763 improves performance quite significantly over the 7742, even though I noted that both parts boosted almost equally to around 3400MHz in single-threaded scenarios. The uplifts here average over a geomean of +25%, with individual increases from +15 to +50%, with a median of +22%.

The Milan part also now more clearly competes against the best of the competition, even though it’s not a single-threaded optimised part as the 75F3 – we’ll see those scores a bit later.

SPECfp2017 Rate-1 Estimated Scores

In SPECfp, the Zen3 based Milan chip also does extremely well, measuring an average geomean boost of +14.2% and a median of +18%.

SPEC2017 Rate-1 Estimated Total

The new 7763 takes a notable lead in single-threaded performance amongst the large core count SKUs in the market right now. More notably, the 75F3 further increases this lead through the higher 4GHz boost clock this frequency optimised part enables.

SPEC - Multi-Threaded Performance SPEC - Per-Core Win for "F"-Series 75F3
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  • Memo.Ray - Monday, March 15, 2021 - link

    Thanks for the excellent review team Anand!
  • ballsystemlord - Monday, March 15, 2021 - link

    Actually, it was Ian and Andrei, not Anand who did the review. I'm not joking, he's a real person who used to work on this site: https://www.anandtech.com/print/1635/
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    He was not addressing Anand. He is adressing "team Anand" which obviouisly means "the people actually workin on Anandtech"
  • ballsystemlord - Monday, March 15, 2021 - link

    I was thinking of a one person (Anand) team. ;)
    I should have gotten what he said though.
  • Gothmoth - Monday, March 15, 2021 - link

    Team Anand! Since when is a team a single person....
  • bigboxes - Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - link

    He didn't get that. Must have missed the "team"
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    yeah, he was a bit too excited to ACKCHYUALLY someone else
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    Who used to work - lol

    He is the co founder lol
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    definitely didn't think comment lurking would make me feel old today. lol
  • Memo.Ray - Monday, March 15, 2021 - link

    I know my English is a "lil" rough on the edges but I gotta admit, I didn't see these comments coming! lol.

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