Corsair had started the ball rolling some time ago with their low-latency series. As our standard for benchmarking, we were always pleased to see Corsair 3200LL crank out 2-2-2-5 or 2-2-2-6 memory timings in our benchmarks. In recent months, with later revisions, things have been changing in the memory market. The newest memory revisions now could do only 2-2-3-6 at SPD, and it appeared that 2-2-2-5 at DDR400 was passing away with the death of Winbond BH5 memory modules.

Mushkin was the first to revitalize fast DDR400 timings with their PC3500 Level II, which again gave us 2-2-2-5 timings at DDR400. In our review of Mushkin's new memory, we found this DDR433 memory was very capable of 2-2-2-5 performance at DDR400, while providing 2-2-3-6 timings at DDR433. Mushkin had stockpiled the discontinued Winbond BH5 chips and promised that they had enough supply to last until at least the end of 2003.

Enter OCZ, who claims that their new OCZ PC3500 Platinum is capable of 2-2-2-5 memory performance at DDR400. While specified as 2-2-3-6 at DDR433, we are told that this new memory also can do 2-2-2-6 timings at DDR433 at a higher voltage of around 2.75V. OCZ tells us that this new memory is also based on Winbond BH5 chips, and it appears Winbond has begun manufacturing these chips again, since there was so much demand for them. This is certainly good news for those who demand the absolute fastest timings at DDR400.

While AnandTech's reviews of recent DDR500 and 533 from Corsair, Mushkin, and OCZ have found the newest memory capable of operating at DDR400 at 2-3-3-5 timings in addition to good performance at DDR500/533, this is still not the same as 2-2-2-5 performance. Many would point out that DDR500 to DDR533 are only really useful for a processor like the Pentium 4 2.4C, which is often capable of reaching FSB speeds of 250 to 300. This is not the processor most people buy, and for the 2.8 to 3.2 Pentium 4, the Athlon64 3200+, and AMD Barton processors, a memory that can do the absolute fastest timings at DDR400 to DDR433 or so is likely to provide the best performance. It is for these computer enthusiasts that OCZ has designed the new PC3500 Platinum.

While Intel legitimized DDR400 with the 875/865 chipsets, DDR400 is now an official JEDEC standard. In fact, the fastest memory that the Intel 875/865, AMD Athlon64, and AMD Athlon/Barton are designed to run is DDR400. Anything faster than DDR400 is overclocking the memory or the system in one form or another. So, for those of you who do not overclock the FSB, or those of you who overclock a mid- to high-end CPU, then the OCZ PC3500 Platinum is designed to provide the fastest memory performance that you can achieve.

OCZ PC3500 Platinum Specifications

 OCZ PC3500 Platinum Memory Specifications
Number of DIMMs & Banks 2 DS
Total Memory
512 Mb
1 GB
Rated Timings 2-2-3-6 at DDR433
Rated Voltage 2.6V
Maximum Voltage 3.0V

OCZ tests performance of PC3500 on Asus and Abit Intel 865/875 motherboards. While compatibility tests are run on other motherboards, these popular boards are used for Production Line testing.

Performance Test Configuration
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  • hepp - Monday, November 10, 2003 - link

    Great reviews but what I would really love to see(and I doubt if I am the only one) is a shootout between OCZ 3500 Limited Edition with a 5:4 divider and OCZ 4200 EL at 1:1.

    Usual tests at FSB 250 and 280.


  • destaccado - Thursday, November 6, 2003 - link

    Well I've been using the memory all day and it definately works at its rated speeds. I switched my pc3200 platinum out and went to 2225 from 2235 and my 3dmark01 score went for 20512 to 20843 stock...Not a huge improvement but about triple what I expected.....Awesome memory and so far I'd highly recommend it....
  • bigtoe33 - Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - link

    To save any confusion i would like to explain this is a new Limited Edition version of the 3500 Platinum.It is based on a limited run of Winbond BH5 IC's that OCZ have been able to buy.Where the standard 3500Plat should run around 2-2-3-5 at ddr400 these should be able to hit 2-2-2-5.

    We have issued this memory as customer demand is high for BH5, but is does have a limited run as BH5 IC's are to be discontinued.

    Any concerns should be mailed to OCZ tech support or me directly at

    While Wes does an awesome job trying to help with your OCZ questions he is NOT an OCZ rep and cannot offer the same help OCZ tech support can.


  • destaccado - Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - link

    Heh well to put a third post out I just read some of the dirt on OCZ and I must say I'm suprised. Every time I've called their company they've been very helpful to me including telling me who had their memory in stock and getting me discounts from their vendors. I would recommend giving them a chance as I've had lots of luck with their platinum series of memory.....And their RMA service was exceptional the one time I did use it....
  • destaccado - Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - link

    Happened to notice this little disclaimer on the page #1 linked to...
    "I also do not have evidence that OCZ Technology was using beefed up review samples. I only know what I have been told from various hardware review sites - so everything mentioned is my opinion."
  • destaccado - Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - link

    I build alot of mid-range/high-end computers for people and have used at least 50 sticks of the OCZ el-ddr pc3200 plat and out of them only 1 stick from a dual channel kit has failed...I have never had a problem running it at the 2-2-3-5 timings that they promise nor with any of the other ocz memory I've used. (I use about 90% ocz, the other 10% is corsair who makes excellent memory as well usually do to customers request). While I do believe they did overstate or give golden samples to reviewers at one point. Even #1's own page he links to says "it took OCZ a very long time to get their reputation back. OCZ has since then done a good job of putting out a sold and high performing product - the honest way."
    So basically OCZ did something a lil' dishonest at one point...not much different then ATI with quake 3 or nvidia with 3dmark2003, I don't see you all lining up to buy Volari cards because of this. Truth is OCZ makes excellent memory and because of that I placed my order for this memory at axiontech who just got in in today. I'll let you guys know how it works at the 2-2-2-5 setting on my Athlon64 but I know there won't be a problem. Thanks for the review Wes.
  • Wesley Fink - Sunday, November 2, 2003 - link

    #4 -

    1) Pat is always enabled on the 875P-based P4C800-E.
    2) The 512Mb modules are double-sided. The higher unbuffered scores are a result of DS performing better than SS on 875/865 and the timings.
    3) I cannot answer whether the original 3200 and 3500 used BH5 chips with any authority. You should write OCZ with that question.
  • Pumpkinierre - Saturday, November 1, 2003 - link

    I have 2x256Mb OCZ PC3200 platinum on an IC7-G with 2.6C. The system is (4months old). I can run tight settings (2235) to 218MHz at PAT F1 and up to 230 at looser settings. I can not run Street Racer (which is the fastest PAT, despite ABIT's ratings, in bandwidth terms) at any speed. As I am looking to buy more RAM, I have some questions on your article:

    1)Did you enable PAT and if so at what level?

    2)My memory is single sided(SS). Are the new PC3500 platinum double sided (DS)?
    As you wrote in Mem. Holy Grail Pt.1 DS is best for i875. OCZ used to recommend Gold series (DS) for i875/865 and platinum for nforce2 but your article suggests they have changed their minds. I get ~2850 unbuffered Sandra result at CAS 2235 216MHz/PAT F1 but you get >3000 at 200MHz which I dont believe can be totally ascribed to the tighter CAS/RAS setting.

    3)Did the original platinum PC3200 and 3500 use BH5 chips?
    I notice that OCZ has replaced its 4.5ns rating for the platinum mem. chips to 5ns on their website. Is this because of honesty or a different memory chip?
  • daos - Saturday, November 1, 2003 - link

    i am a firm beliver in anandtech. i would hate to see that he would accept something that he knows isnt the truth to the common buyer. i have seen some crazy benchmarks on the P4C800-E paired with PC4200El. although, on the Abit boards, they tend to do horrible. i, myself, use an Abit IC7 Max3 and would love to buy OCZ's line but im terrified from the horror stories.

    it would definatly benefit AT to run a DDR500+ shotout including Adata's new PC4000 line on the Abit IC7Max3 platform. there are many readers out there that could really benefit from this since the Adata modules seem to run great on this platform. some are reaching 295+ 1:1
  • Wesley Fink - Friday, October 31, 2003 - link

    here's something for you to read from a UK website that DID go and out and buy Corsair, Mushkin, and OCZ memory:

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