During today’s GDC session on Epic’s Unreal Engine, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang dropped in as a special guest to announce NVIDIA’s next high performance video card, the GeForce GTX Titan X.

In order to capitalize on the large audience of the Unreal session while not spoiling too much ahead of NVIDIA’s own event in 2 weeks – the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference – NVIDIA is playing coy with details on the product, but they have released a handful of details along with a product image.

NVIDIA Titan Specification Comparison
  GTX Titan X GTX Titan Black GTX Titan
Stream Processors ? 2880 2688
Texture Units ? 240 224
ROPs 96? 48 48
Core Clock ? 889MHz 837MHz
Boost Clock ? 980MHz 876MHz
Memory Clock ? 7GHz GDDR5 6GHz GDDR5
Memory Bus Width 384-bit? 384-bit 384-bit
FP64 ? 1/3 FP32 1/3 FP32
TDP ? 250W 250W
Transistor Count 8B 7.1B 7.1B
Architecture Maxwell Kepler Kepler
Manufacturing Process TSMC 28nm? TSMC 28nm TSMC 28nm
Launch Date Soon 2/18/14 02/21/13
Launch Price A Large Number $999 $999

The GPU underlying GTX Titan X is 8 billion transistors, which similar to the original GTX Titan’s launch means we’re almost certainly looking at Big Maxwell. NVIDIA will be pairing it with 12GB VRAM – indicating a 384-bit memory bus – and it will once again be using NVIDIA’s excellent metal cooler and shroud, originally introduced on the original GTX Titan.

No further details are being provided at this time, and we’re expecting to hear more about it at GTC. Meanwhile Epic’s master engine programmer Tim Sweeney was gifted the first GTX Titan X card, in recognition of NVIDIA and Epic’s long development partnership and the fact that Epic guys are always looking for more powerful video cards to push the envelope on Unreal Engine 4.



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  • MyNuts - Monday, March 9, 2015 - link

    What do you expect to happen in you're liffetimes ? Fying cars, fusion energy. Be greatful you have the choice not to buy this and wait for something better before you die. Sorry to be morbid but i come from 1982 and nintendo and a 48666dx2 gateway. Dont hate and shit on everything and enjoy the gifts you all have availablbe. Love anantec reader since early 2000s Reply
  • BrokenCrayons - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - link

    486 processors weren't available for purchase until the very late 1980s...about 1989, but they weren't ticking along at 66MHz until the early 90s...about 1993 so I think 1982 might be a bit off the mark as far as the availability that particular CPU is concerned. On a side note, my first computer was a Commodore 64. ;) Reply
  • MyNuts - Monday, March 9, 2015 - link

    wow thanks for blocking my comment. great censorship. try not to be late with news please Reply
  • MyNuts - Monday, March 9, 2015 - link

    If you dont have the money to get things like this its not a bad thing, just unfortunate. Im fortunate Reply

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