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In the midrange/moderate PSU market, we have power supplies rated at 500W to 650W and a price range of $82 to $202. Most power supplies in this field aren't that expensive, however - the high $202 models are from Antec's Signature series, which we introduced not long ago. Most of our midrange PSU recommendations are a more reasonable $125 or less.

Enermax Pro82+ & Modu82+ 525W - $110-$133

The Enermax Pro82+ and Modu82+ are again worth a look, this time courtesy of the 525W model. The prices of the 525W unit start at $110 for the Pro82+ version, and the modular version bumps the price to $133. The $23 difference is quite a bit, considering you can hide the extra cables between optical drives, so we'd give the nod to the Pro82+ version instead of the modular offering. If you simply prefer modular cables and are willing to pay more, however, both options perform the same in testing.

Cooler Master Silent Pro 500W - 82€

Unfortunately, Cooler Master cannot currently sell this power supply in the US market due to a lawsuit from Ultra against everyone with cable management. Europeans however can enjoy the Silent Pro series, which is also available with an M for modular. We will be introducing this power supply very soon, and we have already completed testing of our first samples. We are very pleased by the performance and for the first time Cooler Master went to Enhance for a lower range power supply. The side-trip paid off and Cooler Master created one of the coolest products this year. Not only does it maintain a noise level of 17dB(A) up to a high level of load, but it also has a very attractive price of 82€ for the 500W version. That puts it only a few Euros above competing products from Enermax and Corsair, with better performance particularly in the noise arena.

Corsair CMPSU-520HX 520W- $115

The Corsair HX series has sold well since the "memory company" first introduced it, paving the way for their later models. The HX520 not only brings rock stable rails, but it also comes with a very good efficiency and very low acoustic noise throughout the operating range. The EU and the US prices are very attractive, helped by the fact that this PSU has been available for several years. It can still compete with all the new power supplies today, which is impressive. We will be providing a review of this series soon, even though Corsair does not even promote it anymore.

Antec Signature 650 - $202

Antec's Signature series has not been around long, and somehow it hasn't managed to make its presence felt in the market. In Europe, the 650W version is the only one available, even though Antec has an 850W version that we already tested. We've received word from Antec that the 850W model will be available very soon in Europe, and until then users will have to "settle" for the 650W version - which honestly won't be much of a difference. To find out exactly where the differences lie, Antec sent us one of the lower wattage versions and we will have a review up soon. Antec included many features in this series, which they largely developed on their own. For $202 this power supply is anything but cheap, and we hope that with higher availability the prices will drop. The high price does bring some exceptional quality, however, as you can read in our review.

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  • narcan - Thursday, August 7, 2008 - link

    Seasonic is missing here, the best psu manufacturer around imo. (they build the better Antec PSU's and others, next to it's own line of products) Reply
  • Milleman - Sunday, July 27, 2008 - link

    Just resently bought a 800W PSU made by Gigabyte, which works great! Great finnish and modulized power plugs as well. The pricetag is somewhere around 100 Euro. Why haven't Anand yet had a look at those? Reply
  • Christoph Katzer - Sunday, July 27, 2008 - link

    Because Anand doesn't have time to review PSUs ;)

    The Gigabyte Odin was reviewed quite some time ago:
  • Milleman - Sunday, August 3, 2008 - link

    Aww... Didn't know that! :x

    Thank you! :D Great review about the Gigabyte Odin power supply! Just the one I bought. Great Power Supply as well.
  • steveyballmer - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - link

    Good equipment, it doesn't work with Macs though!

  • finbarqs - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - link

    just bought one from JR, came DOA, but they're doing an Advanced Replacement for me. One thing I gotta, say, is this beast is huge! Hopefully I get a consistent power flow, because my last TT 700W PSU, (toughpower) I think sucked. Killed 3 MBs... but then again, i'm just speculating. Reply
  • Alexstarfire - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - link

    Why are all these PSUs so expensive? I got my OCZ StealthXStream 600w PSU for $60, I believe. Not the highest build quality ever I'm sure, but it's got to be better than the $70 450w PSU in the "budget" section. It was on sale, but you can get it on Newegg for $79. Actually, it's $54 after MIR. Reply
  • Noya - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - link

    OCZ have always seemed kind of cheap to me.

    And for the $70 Corsair 450, it can be had regularly at buy.com for $49-55 after a Corsair rebate. At $70-75, you can get their 550vx or 650tx models. Hell, I've seen their 750tx for $89 w/rebate and google checkout. And they're always shipped free...BUY.com for the Corsair WIN!
  • Christoph Katzer - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - link

    Thanks, will keep this in mind for the next one. Reply
  • masouth - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - link

    Why does it "got to be better"?

    ...because it's 600w?
    ...because it's OCZ?
    ...because it was cheap?

    I'm not saying that it is or it isn't better because I haven't looked at any reviews of that ps however the only information you've included to back up that it's got to be better is the brand, watts, and the price.

    All three of those can be very misleading without being tested.

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