Biostar Racing B550GTQ

In addition to its ATX sized B550GTA, the Biostar Racing B550GTQ is a micro-ATX sized model with the same design and near-identical feature set of its larger sibling. Looking more like an entry-level offering, the biggest features include a pair of M.2 slots, six SATA ports, a Realtek Gigabit Ethernet controller and a Realtek ALC1150 HD audio codec.

Following a consistent black and grey theme throughout, the Biostar Racing B550GTQ is a micro-ATX model and includes two full-length PCIe slots. This includes the top slot which runs at PCIe 4.0 x16, while the second slot is locked to PCIe 3.0 x4. Complementing the full-length slots is a pair of PCIe 3.0 x1 slots. The board's storage consists of two PCIe slots and although Biostar is advertising both to feature support for PCIe 4.0 x4, it’s likely that only one of these will support Gen4, with the other supporting up to PCIe 3.0 x4 drives. There are also six SATA ports, with four right-angled and two straight-angled ports. The B550GTQ has four available memory slots, with support for up to DDR4-4400, with a maximum capacity of up to 128 GB.

The rear panel includes a single USB 3.2 G2 Type-C, one USB 3.2 G2 Type-A, four USB 3.2 G1 Type-A, and two USB 2.0 ports. Powering the single RJ45 port is a Realtek RTL8118AS Gigabit Ethernet controller, while the boards three 3.5 mm audio jacks are controlled by a Realtek ALC1150 HD audio codec. Biostar has included three video outputs with DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort, which gives users plenty of VGA options to consider if pairing up this board with a Ryzen APU. Finishing off the rear panel is a PS/2 keyboard and mouse combo port.

Biostar hasn’t unveiled pricing at present for either of its B550 models, but it’s likely the B550GTQ will cost under $100 based on the feature set in comparison to what other vendors are offering. Biostar is consistently using an older Realtek ALC1150 HD audio which was commonly found on motherboards around five years ago.

Biostar B550GTA GIGABYTE B550 Aorus Master


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  • xenol - Thursday, June 18, 2020 - link

    A complaint I had in previous AMD boards was how prevalent VGA ports were. I'm glad to see they're not so prevalent this time around. Reply
  • Lucky Stripes 99 - Sunday, June 21, 2020 - link

    Same here. Both DVI and DP can be converted to VGA using an inexpensive passive dongle. I'd much rather see either of those ports over VGA. Reply
  • Gigaplex - Saturday, August 1, 2020 - link

    DVI-I can be converted easily. DVI-D (which most of the modern boards have) need a more complex adapter. Reply
  • iranterres - Thursday, June 18, 2020 - link

    Why so expensive... Reply
  • cybersirf - Friday, June 19, 2020 - link

    more expensive, less features. what happened to x2 slots?
  • miss5tability - Saturday, June 20, 2020 - link

    whata abiut VRM the biggest issue on b450 MOBOs, i dont see any single word about that ? wtf Reply
  • Mem - Saturday, June 20, 2020 - link

    I believe you will find Asus use S1220A so not S1200A , it's custom version of ALC1220, when you go by Asus website for their B550 boards. Reply
  • awonglk - Saturday, June 20, 2020 - link

    There seems to be no mentions of Thunderbolt 3 header that apparently comes with this motherboard according to Asia’s own website:

    Does anyone know how or what this connects to on a mITX motherboard?
  • blakflag - Monday, June 22, 2020 - link

    Does "USB 3.2 G2 Type-C" imply Thunderbolt 3 support? Reply
  • dennphill - Friday, June 26, 2020 - link

    And here it is a couple of weeks after the 'release' and there are no boards (well, no mATX versions) to buy...unless you want to deal with the scalpers on NewEgg asking $25 to 35 over the regular price - oh, and BTW, they will ship/deliver in mid-July - AND I see no reviews or comparisons other than manufacturers' sites advertising for the B550 boards. The few articles I see are all based on the pre-release data and not from actual delivered, installed and tested MBs. Poor AMD hardware release, as far as I am concerned. Reply

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