Small cards and small systems are always exciting to see, especially if there’s an avenue to create a nice PC within a small volume at multiple price points. There are a number of angles to go with this, from the silent runner all the way up to the overstated ‘look-at-me’ RGB custom builds that appear as part of marketing presentations at trade shows. It still requires having access to a good number of components in that form factor, which includes smaller and smaller graphics cards. Graphics cards built to work with the ITX form factor is part of that, going for a 17nm design that fits into any mini-ITX build (or with a riser cable, only just above the CPU slot), and Powercolor is launching its new RX 5600 XT option.

This new AXRX 5600 ITX 6GBD6-2DH GPU, set to retail at $299 from today, is 175mm in length and offers three video outputs: one HDMI and two DisplayPort connections. The dual slot card has three heatpipes and an unassuming façade – the GPU underneath is standard RX 5600 XT faire, with 2304 SPs, a 1355 MHz base clock, a 1560 MHz ‘game’ clock, and a boost clock up to 1620 MHz. The 8 GB of memory is rated at 14 Gbps, up from the 12 Gbps reference design, and the GPU supports PCIe 4.0 connectivity. It requires one 8-pin connector, and Powercolor recommends a minimum 500W power supply.

Source: Powercolor

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  • thebrucelee - Sunday, June 7, 2020 - link

    It turns out Optimum Tech is completely wrong about the fan and heat. They were freaking out that the GPU was getting to 90 degrees C and saying that it was going to catch on fire. Apparently, according to AMD, this is completely fine and normal and well within spec. See a non-clickbait, more competent discussion of Navi temps at

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