With this week's major launch of the rest of the 8th Generation Core lineup, virtually every last major OEM is issuing significant updates to large parts of their product lines to incorporate the new CPUs and chipsets. To that end we're on day 3 of our recap of OEM spring product refreshes, this time taking a look at all of the updated gaming desktops and laptops due this quarter from ASUS under their Republic of Gamers Brand.

ASUS Launches ROG Zephyrus M (GM501): A More Traditional Flagship Gaming Notebook

ASUS this week introduced its a second laptop under its flagship ROG Zephyrus gaming notebook brand. Dubbed the Zephyrus M (GM501) the new laptop is a slightly more straight-laced...

11 by Anton Shilov on 4/3/2018

ASUS ROG Zephyrus with Core i7-7700HQ and GeForce GTX 1070 Available for $2299

ASUS has started to sell a more affordable version of its flagship ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop it launched earlier this year. The new model retains all the features of...

9 by Anton Shilov on 8/25/2017

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