Times are changing at OCZ. There's a new CEO at the helm, and the company is now focused on releasing fewer products but that have gone through more validation and testing than in years past. The hallmark aggressive nature that gave OCZ tremendous marketshare in the channel overstayed its welcome. The new OCZ is supposed to sincerely prioritize compatibility, reliability and general validation testing. Only time will tell if things have changed, but right off the bat there's a different aura surrounding my first encounter with OCZ's Vector SSD. Gone are the handwritten notes that accompanied OCZ SSD samples in years past, replaced by a much more official looking letter: Read on for our full review of OCZ's Vector SSD.

OCZ Vector: The First True Indilinx Based SSD (Barefoot 3) from OCZ

I just saw the outcome of a year long effort from both the Indilinx and the PLX teams at OCZ: the Vector SSD (pictured above). Unlike the Octane and...

18 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 9/11/2012

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