At Intel’s Architecture Day, the company showed off a new stacking technology called ‘Foveros’, which is designed to allows the company to make smaller chips. The idea behind Foveros is to have a base ‘interposer’ that also integrates common I/O functionality, while using connections through the chip to another piece of silicon on top that has the CPU cores and the graphics subsystem. We saw chips that were working and processing data, and it all looked really cool. The reason this chip exists is because one of Intel’s customers requested a processor with integrated graphics that can idle at 2 milliwatts. After a few years of engineering, Intel is finally there. There’s also another trick at play here. The chip uses a combination of Intel’s high...

Intel Lists New Atom Core: Tremont to Come After Goldmont Plus

Intel has recently updated its developer documentation for instruction set extensions, and in the process has disclosed information on both new instructions for and the codename of its next-generation...

55 by Anton Shilov on 4/23/2018

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