Tiger Lake-H

Conclusion: Powerful, but Power Hungry After last week’s reveal of Tiger Lake-H, today’s results put things into context for Intel’s new high-end enthusiast mobile platform. The new design follows roughly 8 months after our initial coverage of the lower power “regular” Tiger Lake design and SKUs. The question is whether the new Tiger Lake-H can differentiate itself beyond just the notion that it’s a doubled-up core count variant of the lower power models. I’ll have to reiterate that our review today isn’t nearly as in-depth as usual – due to circumstances we’ve essentially only had 2 days’ worth of testing of Intel’s reference Tiger Lake-H laptop, however in this time I think we can come to some crucial conclusions as to how the design performs and...

Intel Launches 11th Generation Core Tiger Lake-H: Eight Core 10nm Mobile Processors

Ever since the launch of the first series of Intel Core 11th Generation Tiger Lake processors aimed at the ‘U-series’ 15 W market, Intel has teased us that there...

164 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 5/11/2021

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