With the official launch of Intel’s latest generation of Xeon Scalable processors now underway, Intel’s major partners and OEMs are announcing updates to their product lines using the new hardware. Dell is one of those primary partners, and reached out to us late last week to fill us in on the new details. Dell is focusing mostly on the midrange performance boosts, as well as offering Optane solutions to the markets that can best take advantage of it.

Dell EMC’s Older PowerEdge iDRAC BMC Vulnerable to Firmware Replacement Attack

Every modern server is equipped with a baseboard management controller (BMC) that enables its remote management. A BMC is essentially a computer within a computer with its own memory...

2 by Anton Shilov on 10/2/2018

More EPYC Servers: Dell Launches 1P and 2P PowerEdge for HPC and Virtualization

One of the many questions about AMD’s EPYC processor line related to AMD’s ability to reengage with OEMs since the Bulldozer era. Recent announcements from Microsoft Azure and Baidu...

19 by Ian Cutress on 2/6/2018

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