One of the next big things in motherboard development is the progressive move to faster storage – the superseding of SATA 3 Gbps and SATA 6 Gbps. We already have PCIe cards; however these tend to be bulky and/or expensive for all but enthusiasts. There is the RAID route, which comes with potential pitfalls of its own. Other than this, we are waiting for the SATA Express revolution to take hold, either in the form of AHCI enabled hardware or NVMe. On the motherboard, this means we need the M.2 (formerly NGFF) standard to be prevalent: we have seen it so far on the ASUS ROG line with mPCIe Combo II enabled motherboards, where it uses a PCIe 2.0 x1...

New Elements to Samsung SSDs: The MEX Controller, Turbo Write and NVMe

As part of the SSD Summit in Korea today, Samsung gave the world media a brief glimpse into some new technologies. The initial focus on most of these...

21 by Ian Cutress on 7/18/2013

Computex 2013: 2.5 inch 1.6TB SSD from ADATA

Our trip to the ADATA booth at Computex this year revealed something rather special – this 1.6 TB SSD from ADATA called the SX2000. Details of the NAND...

11 by Ian Cutress on 6/7/2013

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