Lian Li Strimer

Lian Li has started to sell its new PSU cable featuring addressable RGB lighting. The cable is now available on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean at an introductory price below $40/€40. Going forward, the unit will get a bit more expensive, but will stay below $50/€50. Announced at Computex last month, the the Lian Li Strimer (pronounced 'Streamer') is a light emitting module featuring RGB LEDs that can be attached to Lian Li’s white PSU cable and create an impression that the wires are glowing. The Strimer has a connector to attach to motherboards that can control addressable RGB lighting and works with all popular motherboards brands as well as their software. Alternatively, the Strimer can be plugged to a special module that features...

A Rose By Any Other PR Name: Lian Li’s Strimer, or is it Streamer?

Part of our early Computex coverage involved Lian Li’s new RGB product, the Strimer, which integrates RGB strips along a 24-pin ATX cable. The idea here was that out...

8 by Ian Cutress on 6/19/2018

Lian Li Launches Strimer RGB PSU Cable

Modern enthusiast-grade PCs can have RGB LEDs in almost all components — from motherboard, to memory modules, to SSDs. Meanwhile, one of the things that is not RGB-lit in...

6 by Anton Shilov on 6/6/2018

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