Enterprise CPUs

Ever since AMD re-emerged as a major competitor within the x86 CPU scene, one of AMD’s top priorities has been to win over customers in the highly lucrative and profitable server market. It’s a strategy that’s paid off well for AMD, as while they’re still the minority player in the space, they’ve continued to whittle away at what was once Intel’s absolute control over the market, slowly converting more and more customers over to the EPYC ecosystem. Now as the Zen 4 CPU architecture approaches its second birthday, AMD is launching one final line of EPYC chips, taking aim at yet another Xeon market segment. This time it’s all about the entry-level 1P server market – small scale, budget-conscientious users who only need a handful...

Server Update April 2013: Positioning the HP Moonshot 1500

With HP launching the "Moonshot" server class and Intel's IDF at Beijing, we felt it was interesting to look a bit closer at the newest developments in the server...

26 by Johan De Gelas on 4/11/2013

Calxeda's ARM server tested

ARM based servers hold the promise of extremely low power and excellent performance per Watt ratios. It's possible to place an incredible amount of servers into a single rack—there...

102 by Johan De Gelas on 3/12/2013

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