ADATA's XPG division has unveiled its latest addition in the high-performance DRAM segment, the Spectrix D50. Starting from 8 GB DDR4-3000 modules, the latest Spectrix D50 kits will go up to 32 GB capacity, with some capacities hitting speeds of up to DDR4-4800. XPG is the gaming division of ADATA, and has a broad portfolio of DRAM catering to multiple areas on the market. The latest from XPG is the Spectrix D50 which is similar to the Spectrix D60G, but with a more subtle take on RGB. Designed for enthusiasts and overclockers, it has a solid heatsink design with some interesting tweaks to make it look less aggressive than the D60G. The heat spreader on the Spectrix D50 memory includes a criss-cross geometric design on its...

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