Today’s announcement marks a key change for CEVA’s business model, as for the first time we see the introduction of a complete modem platform for licensing. The PentaG platform is not a single piece of IP, but rather a collection of solutions that offer flexibility and time to market advantages for the vendors. The new platform promises key advantages over competing solutions and offer maximum flexibility for vendor’s designs, securing CEVA’s position in the cellular IP business.

CEVA Announces NeuPro Neural Network IP

Ahead of CES CEVA today announced a new specialised neural network accelerator IP called NeuPro. We’ve over the last few months seen an explosion of news related to “AI” and...

12 by Andrei Frumusanu on 1/5/2018

CEVA Launches Fifth-Generation Machine Learning Image and Vision DSP Solution: CEVA-XM6

Deep learning, neural networks and image/vision processing is already a large field, however many of the applications that rely on it are still in their infancy. Automotive is the...

1 by Ian Cutress on 9/27/2016

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