Ahead of CES CEVA today announced a new specialised neural network accelerator IP called NeuPro. We’ve over the last few months seen an explosion of news related to “AI” and neural networks. Most notably Apple’s neural engine and HiSilicon’s neural processing unit lead the pack with already shipping silicon. These new IP blocks are hardware accelerators for convoluted neural network inferencing. As opposed to what we call “deep learning” which is the training aspect of CNNs, inferencing is the execution of already trained models. Use-cases such as image classification are very latency and performance sensitive so the industry has evolved towards edge device inferencing, meaning a device such as a smartphone locally has a trained neural network model and does the inferencing and classification locally on...

CEVA Launches Fifth-Generation Machine Learning Image and Vision DSP Solution: CEVA-XM6

Deep learning, neural networks and image/vision processing is already a large field, however many of the applications that rely on it are still in their infancy. Automotive is the...

1 by Ian Cutress on 9/27/2016

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