Microsoft is the first cloud container provider to formally announce a new range of VMs based on the AMD EPYC platform. These VMs will be called the Lv2 Series, varying from 8 cores to 64 cores, and offering substantial DRAM and storage capabilities. Back at the launch of EPYC, most of the major cloud providers had expressed interest in pursuing the capabilities of the new CPU for deployment in their cloud and to customers. At that time, the major statement was that the cloud providers were in the process of ascertaining the suitability for large-scale deployment, and optimizing the implementation to best suit them and the customers. Several months have passed, and Microsoft is the first to make the jump. Interested parties can, from today...

Microsoft Details Project Olympus Open Compute Standard

Today, at the 2017 Open Compute Project U.S. Summit, Microsoft unveiled some significant announcements around their hyperscale cloud hardware design, which they first announced in November as Project Olympus...

65 by Brett Howse on 3/8/2017

Microsoft Lifts the Lid on Some Intel Skylake-EP Details via the Open Compute Project

As part of the European Digital Infrastructure Summit in London this week, Microsoft's Azure team will be lifting the lid on Project Olympus, the next generation hyperscale cloud hardware...

15 by Ian Cutress on 11/1/2016

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