Samsung outlined its foundry business roadmap for the next five years at its Foundry Forum event last week. The company plans to introduce its next generation fabrication technologies in a timely manner and intends to make chips on its 1.4 nm (14 angstroms) manufacturing process by 2027. Also, the company will keep investing in new manufacturing capacity going forward as it strives to strengthen its position in the foundry market. New Nodes Incoming Samsung has been introducing new production nodes and/or variants on production nodes every 12 – 18 months for several years now, and plans to keep its rather aggressive pace going forward. Though the company’s roadmap illustrates, fanfare aside, that it is now taking longer to develop new fabrication processes. The company’s second-generation 3...

Intel Shipping 14nm Cherry Trail

Also on the list of Intel announcements today is that Cherry Trail, the next generation Atom architecture, is shipping to customers. For end-users, this means a realistic time frame...

22 by Ian Cutress on 1/5/2015

Intel Releases Broadwell-U: New SKUs, up to 48 EUs and Iris 6100

As part of the CES cavalcade of announcements, after launching Core-M back in September, Intel is formally releasing their next element of the 14 nanometer story: Broadwell-U. As the...

85 by Ian Cutress on 1/5/2015

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