How does it change the way you use your computer?

Most users reported little or no changes in their everyday usage of the system, however; there were small details that many users considered important. If they were upgrading from Windows 2000, users commented mainly on the increased compatibility, especially with legacy 16-bit code, using XP's new compatability mode. Upgrading from Windows 9x systems, users commented on the increased stability and robust architecture of the system, which allows the system to run for longer periods without rebooting.

"The nice thing about XP, is that I can now game and do work with the same OS. I don't really use my computer differently, though I no longer have to restart all the time, so that is a huuuuge benefit. "
- Brad Halpin (Spike2756)

"…Improvements will likely benefit less savvy or less familiar users … experienced users are more likely to know every nook and cranny of the OS … these users are likely to be less impressed with the changes."
-- Andy Hui

Users who do not perform activities which tax their current OS-- such as users of Windows 2000 who do not need legacy gaming support, or users of Windows 9x who do not user their computer for extremely computation-intensive tasks or for long periods-- may not notice many of the improvements in XP.

"It hasn't change the way I use It … W2K was the 'changing point' for me. It allowed me to leave my computer on as long as I wanted without rebooting all the time (unlike 9x) and gave me the ability to multi-task without fear of corruption and crashing."
-- (AirCooled)

Microsoft claims that one of their primary goals in developing Windows XP was to simplify tasks and group them for easier access. As such, many tasks that previously required third party software are now built into the operating system. Several users commented on this feature as a major selling point of the new OS.

"I plug in my CompactFlash or SmartMedia cards and XP automatically opens them up for me (and asks me to open the disk, start a slideshow, etc.). A lot of tasks are grouped together for easier use. The scanner utility is a GOD SEND."
-- Brandon Hill (NFS4)

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