Why did you upgrade?

Upgrading to Windows XP from other systems is something that Microsoft would like to see everyone do as rapidly as possible. For this reason, Microsoft has invested over $1 billion in marketing this new system and has created a great deal of hype about the new features present in this OS. AnandTech users may be better informed than the average computer user, but that also makes them much more cognizant of the hype and promises for new features in Windows XP.

"I upgraded because I wanted to see what all the hype was about."
-- Andy Hui

Most users, however; cited specific examples of improved functionality as their reason to upgrade.

"The biggest reason I'm upgrading from 98SE is that I want the stability and other advanced NT features (ie: NTFS) but can finally have them along with gaming compatibility."
-- Bryon Daly (LintMan)

"Because Win98SE was unstable"
-- Chris T. (Ctho9305)

"The remote desktop made it easier to manage my parents computer from school"
-- Scott Newton (Scootin)

Many users stated that they were holding off a permanent upgrade until they had an opportunity to try out the new system. Along the same lines, users also frequently cited the reasoning for their upgrading being in that the system was free or very inexpensive in their particular situation. This, however; is also due to the fact that the majority of these responses were collected before retail sales of the software began.

"It was free(MSDN) and I like trying out new stuff"
-- (Sunner)

"Windows XP is the product of Windows ME with Windows 2000 combined, so I knew that was the OS I wanted to get. Besides you can't beat the price I got Win XP for."
-- (Ludacris)

"I'm getting it for free (somebody gave it to me)"
-- Jacob (Athlon4all)

How does it change the way you use your computer? If you haven't upgraded, will you?
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