This year's Computex 2001 hasn't been going on for more than a couple of hours and we already have a second update for you all. The first performance numbers from the i845 chipset are in and we now know the real story behind why Intel is so hesitant to release the DDR version of the Brookdale chipset.

We suggest you look at our initial coverage of Day 1 before proceeding with this article. But without further ado, here we go…

The Saga Continues

We reported earlier today that Intel was forcing motherboard manufacturers to remove their VIA promotional balloons from their booths on the Computex show floor, well the process is continuing. Last night Intel was only forcing the major motherboard manufacturers to pull them, but now even some of the smaller ones are succumbing to the pressure as well.

Although none of them are happy about the pressure they cannot do anything about it. Luckily for VIA, there are a few companies that still have their balloons up but none of them are large by any extent.

Now onto the important information.

i845 Performance and DDR
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