Fan noise - subjective evaluation

Generally, noise is measured in dBA. However, how "annoying" humans perceive a certain noise depends not only on the volume, but also on the frequency. Therefore, we rather trust a subjective evaluation of the fan noise. For future tests, we might have access to test equipment that will analyze the frequency range of the fan noises, but at this time, such measurements were not possible.

Here is the ranking by noise. The loudest coolers are on top of the list, the quietest at the end.

Delta 60x25mm fan
Kanie Hedgehog, Global Win FOP38
A extremely loud and trebly noise from the 7000rpm fan motor, combined with strong whirring from the high air flow - simply unbearable.
Thermaltake integrated fans
Thermaltake "Super Orb"
The fan motors are not very loud, but due to the fact that two fans are installed on top of each other, a lot of noise is generated by air turbulences in the heatsink.
YS Tech 60x25mm fan
Kanie Hedgehog, Alpha PAL6035, Global WIN FOP32
A loud fan motor, plus lots of noise from the considerable air flow - the coolers equiped with YS Tech fans are a quite loud, but nowhere near the units with the Delta 60x25 fan, and still slightly less noisy than the Super Orb
Delta 60x10mm fan
Taisol CGK742092
Even though this fan is only 10mm high, it does have a strong air flow, and therefore isn't very quiet
Thermaltake integrated fan
Thermaltake "Chrome Orb"
Not much noise from the fan motor, but a noticable hiss from the strong air flow. Only slightly quieter than the fan used by Taisol.
Agilent (Fan mfr unknown)
Agilent ActiCooler
A trebly, but not too loud noise from the fan motor. Due to the smart design of the heatsink, the noise from the fan's air flow isn't too loud either.
Sanyo Denki 60x25mm
Alpha PAL6035
The fan motor is relatively quiet, and since the fan is not as strong as most other fans in this roundup, there's not much whirring from the air flow either.
Delta 50x10mm fan
Cooler Master DP5-5K11
Since this fan is much weaker than all other fans tested here, it is also quieter than the other contestants, with the exception of the JMC fan.
JMC Actic Breeze Plus
JMC 60x15mm temperature controlled
When the CPU is running cool, the fan spins slowly and is almost entirely silent, and even if it spins at top speed, it isn't loud at all. This is how it should be.
Fan performance Kanie Hedgehog­238M
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