It's been a while since we have tested Socket CPU coolers. In our last Socket heatsink roundup, published in July, a Celeron CPU was used for testing. Today, the most popular CPUs for overclocking are the AMD Duron and Thunderbird, which require even better cooling, and are more picky when it comes to heatsink compatibility. A lot of good new cooler models have appeared on the market since July, and it was clearly time for a Socket cooler roundup, with Thunderbird as the test CPU.

For this test, we tried to reproduce a typical overclocker's system configuration as closely as possible. The test system was equiped with an Abit KT7-RAID motherboard, a Thunderbird-750 CPU (overclocked to 950MHz using 1.8V voltage), an Asus V6800 graphics card (GeForce1), and 256 MB PC133 RAM. We used an Asus/Elan Vital midtower case and an Antec power supply.

The temperature measurements were made using the KT7's onboard thermistor, which is located underneath the CPU. In order to get more accurate results, we bent the thermistor a little up, so that it is in direct contact with the CPU, and applied a little thermal compound on the sensor head.

All coolers were tested with thermal compound. If a thermal transfer pad was preinstalled on the heatsink, it was removed.

All coolers tested here (except for the older version of the Alpha PAL6035) are also suitable for Intel CPUs.

Here are the test results:

Test results - temperature readings

Kanie Hedgehog-238M
Delta fan
Global WIN FOP38
Kanie Hedgehog-238M
YS Tech fan
Alpha PAL6035
YS Tech fan
Global WIN FOP32
Taisol CGK742092
Thermaltake "Super Orb"
Alpha PAL6035
Sanyo Denki fan
Thermaltake "Chrome Orb"
Cooler Master  DP5-5K11
54 °C
JMC (RDJD) Arctic Breeze Plus

  CPU temperature
Motherboard temperature: 31°C, Ambient temperature: 19°C

(1) The JMC Arctic Breeze Plus has a temperature controlled fan. In the test setup, the fan did not permanently spin at maximum speed. Therefore, the obtained measurement does not represent maximum performance under more extreme conditions.
Fan performance
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