A little more than a month has passed since we first offered our preview of DDR SDRAM on the Athlon platform.  Back then we concluded that the move to DDR SDRAM would provide, on average, a 5 – 20% boost in performance.  Supported by the data in our preview, the AMD Athlon was set to be even more competitive with the Pentium III however it didn’t seem as if the performance improvement would be great enough to challenge Intel’s upcoming Pentium 4. 

As we mentioned continuously throughout that preview, the article was nothing more than an indication of the minimum level of performance to expect from forthcoming DDR solutions for the Athlon.  Today, AMD is providing us with the means to discover what the final shipping performance of the first DDR solutions for the Athlon will be as they will officially launch the AMD 760 chipset, the world’s first DDR solution for the Athlon platform. 

Removing the first bottleneck: DDR SDRAM
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