Having had a chance to visit most of the motherboard manufacturers in Computex so far, I popped from the Zotac booth into the AMD booth on my way to a meeting to see if anything was interesting.  Luckily, there was - a wall of AMD motherboards, with quite a few for the upcoming FM2 chipset supporting Trinity processors.  

It is important to note that most FM2 motherboards will ship with one of two Fusion Controller Hubs (FCH) - either A85X or A75.  To add confusion to the mix, A75 can be used with both Llano and Piledriver, so some vendors will be using the A75 FCH but naming their boards as 'A85'.  Other vendors will be using A85X chipset and also naming their boards as 'A85'.  The differences between the two indicate that A85X has eight SATA 6 Gbps ports native compared to six on A75, and that A85X can support RAID 5 operation whereas A75 cannot.



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