The Bad

We've yet to see any KT133 boards available with the ability to unlock the multiplier of AMD's Socket-A CPU's, but if such a feature does come to market, it will be sorely missed on the AZ-11 by all overclockers. We have discovered a method to enable it on the AZ-11, but it's not for the faint of heart and we highly recommend that users interested in overclocking via the multiplier choose a board with built-in support for that feature.

Unfortunately, while Audio Alert II does make things more user friendly, it requires the purchase of the optional Audio Alert II module. This item shouldn't be too expensive, but then again, it won't be that useful except on a few rare occasions.

Despite built-in hardware monitoring support of the VIA 686A South Bridge, FIC has failed to include the requisite thermistor in the Socket-A interface to measure the CPU temperature. Further, while two fan speeds are measured, no voltages or other temperatures are monitored.

A trend we're seeing throughout the motherboard industry that we don't like is a failure to include the required header for using the second set of USB ports integrated on the motherboard.

USB Compatibility

  • Number of Front Universal Serial Bus Root Ports: 2

  • Number of Rear Universal Serial Bus Root Ports: 2

  • USB IRQ Enable/Disable in BIOS: Yes

  • USB Keyboard Support in BIOS: Yes

Recommended SDRAM

Recommended SDRAM: 1 x 128MB Corsair PC133 SDRAM; 1 x 128MB Mushkin PC133 SDRAM

SDRAM Tested: 1 x 128MB Corsair PC133 SDRAM; 1 x 128MB Mushkin PC133 SDRAM

Manufacturer: Corsair
Purchase Website:

Manufacturer: Mushkin
Purchase Website:

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