Don't expect AMD to go into much detail on this here at the Financial Analyst Day, but the slide above shows a definite step towards becoming a modern SoC company. Looking at TI, Qualcomm, NVIDIA and even Intel, integrating 3rd party IP into an SoC isn't unusual - particularly when competing in the ultra mobile space. AMD wants the same flexibility. Going forward, if AMD is successful, we will see SoCs based on AMD technologies that are combined with 3rd party IP. In theory this could come in the form of anything from a video decoder/encoder block to an ARM based CPU/GPU. AMD has mentioned ARM a few times in its presentations today but don't expect any major announcements here. The key word here is agility. AMD wants to be an SoC company that can deliver whatever combination of first and third party IP that the customer wants. 

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  • chizow - Thursday, February 2, 2012 - link

    AMD ARM-based products would actually be pretty interesting. They obviously aren't doing too well competing in the x86 market, and Intel always threatens to pull their license every few years. Maybe they could reinvent themselves with ARM SoC with their own graphics APUs.
  • Jonesgery - Monday, July 27, 2020 - link

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