The Drivers

The driver set included with the ELSA GLADIAC is an interesting and useful one. Based strongly on NVIDIA's 5.16 driver set, the Winman Suite was able to add a few features to the reference drivers. The first addition, and perhaps one of the most useful, is the overclocking utility. Unlike the utility present in the reference drivers, the overclocking tool does not need to be enabled in the registry. In addition, by including such a tool, ELSA is essentially begging the user to overclock. With a 6 year warranty, overclocked or not, who could resist such temptation?

The second feature that provides the advanced user with additional tweaking is ELSA's SmartRefresh and SmartResolution utilities. As the name suggests, the SmartRefresh utility allows for any refresh rate to be set, regardless of what Windows thinks your monitor can do. The SmartResolution application allows you to actually set your own Windows resolution by increasing in 32 horizontal pixel steps and 1 vertical pixel step. Both these utilities reflect ELSA's workstation background, as these are power utilities that are most effectively used by a graphics professional. The utilities do, however, appeal to the graphics professional in all of us.

In addition to all these advanced features, we also find that the features of the reference driver set are jazzed up a bit. Screens such as the D3D antialaising screen and the video color screen are enhanced by graphics and descriptions.

The overclocking utility proved very useful.

The monitor screen provided easy access to all the ELSA's advanced driver features.

The info screen provides all vital information.

The D3D screen is essentially the same as the reference version.

The OpenGL screen also looks very similar to the reference driver screen.

Enabling and tweaking the antialiasing features of the GLADIAC was easy.

Color control for video.

Color control for the desktop

Overclocking The Test

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