FIC has been around since 1980 and has produced some of the lowest priced boards on the market, winning numerous Best Value awards. The i810E chipset is a perfect candidate for FIC to include on their board, because most i810E shoppers are looking for value. Recently, AnandTech recently reviewed FIC's Apollo Pro 133A board, mentioning that most FIC boards have been average and without frills, which makes the KW15's inclusion of both Slot-1 and Socket-370 interfaces unusual.

Intel's new i810E is almost identical to the i810 except for the addition of 133MHz FSB support. However, because the main advantage of the chipset is the low price due to onboard video and audio, quality construction might be compromised. Even though it might seem to bean odd combination to have a high end CPU with a low end chipset, this was the only solution Intel had while the i820 was delayed.

New Anand Tech Report Card Rating

Motherboard Specifications

CPU Interface
Slot-1 / Socket-370
Intel 810E
On-Board Video
82810E GMCH
I/O Controller
82801 ICH
L2 Cache
N/A (on-chip)
Form Factor
Bus Speeds

66 / 68 / 75
100 / 103 / 112 / 117 / 124 / 129
133 / 138 / 140 / 150

Clock Multipliers
3.0x - 8.0x
Voltages Supported
Memory Slots
2 168pin DIMM Slots
Expansion Slots
1 AMR Slots
0 AGP Slot
5 PCI Slots (3 Full Length)
0 ISA Slots (1 optional)
Award 6.00 PGMA

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