Today we will be looking at new products in the power supply and case markets. We have seen many new power supplies from various manufacturers, which is definitely a good thing. Even though we did not find new innovative PCB designs, FSP (Fotron Systems) came up with a clever PCB that will reach higher levels of efficiency. In general, we saw even more companies going with Channel Well (CWT) for their PSU manufacturing; this is not really a good development for the user since we now have numerous high-end brands that now offer similar products, the only difference being a few changed caps and the exterior.

We have heard from several companies that it's currently difficult to find a really good PSU vendor, since most of them have severe problems with ripple and noise for example. Each company needs to tweak their models quite a bit so that they can provide a decent quality level. Still, there were some surprises in the power supply field this year, the chief surprise being quantity. At former shows we never saw so many new product introductions; in the past, nearly all PSU companies already did that online a month prior to CeBIT.

Now let's look at what the various companies had to show this year in the case and power areas.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master introduced a completely new lineup of power supplies. The new products are marketed under the Silent Pro, Ultimate Warranty Protection, and Extreme Power M brands. The Silent Pro series comes with lower wattages of around 450W-700W. A bigger eye-catcher is the Ultimate Warranty Protection series, or UWP.

UWP comes in an innovative design and aims for the higher-end users with around 700W-1100W. The surface of the power supplies comes with a rough texture and could be used as sand paper. Most of the power supplies we saw at the Cooler Master booth were modular, allowing the user to unplug unused cables. The efficiency should also be good, with Cooler Master brochures showing up to 86%. The release date will be in the June timeframe, so don't expect these PSUs for a couple more months.

Gallery: Cooler Master


Over at Corsair we met up with George, who explained the hassle of getting a good manufacturer to help produce an even better product. Corsair just released the HX1000W, which is the first 1000W PSU certified for NVIDIA's 3-way-SLI. It of course comes with all the necessary connectors and looks similar to the previously released power supplies of Corsair. It will be available soon (within the next month it appears) and we are looking forward to reviewing our sample.

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