Day 2 of CeBIT started much like yesterday, the weather was cold but the German countryside was beautiful on our way in to Hannover.

Christoph and Jens sleepily walk towards Hall 21

The second day of CeBIT, as we were warned, was far more crowded than yesterday. Apparently as the week goes on, more and more people will crowd the halls and remind us of our days at CES just two months ago.

Each one of those boxes is a hall at CeBIT, and they are huge

Entering CeBIT today

Pavillion Hall 34

CeBIT is like a small city, halls on the left and right of this image

Hall 26

Light snow on the ground

I continue to be amazed at how well organized CeBIT is, each hall is very specific and even as it becomes more crowded it's no where near as painful to navigate as CES. I am told that this will change come Friday when end-users and school kids drop by the show looking for freebees, but until then I'm enjoying it.

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