Standby Efficiency

Standby Efficiency - 115VAC

Standby Efficiency - 230VAC

The standby efficiency is not quite what we have expected. We see very low results at the different loads and the power consumption while there is no load at all is very high: 1.57W (115VAC) and 2.13W (230VAC).

Zippy claims 86% efficiency on the box, but this is a very nice statement that we unfortunately see all the time. We were happily surprised in this case, as we have reached the same efficiency levels stated on the box. With 115VAC (like Zippy most likely has in Taiwan as well) we measure 86% efficiency. Since we know that with rising input voltages the efficiency rises as well, we can of course achieve even higher efficiency ratings. At room temperatures and 230VAC we got an incredibly high efficiency of 88.71%. That's the highest score we have seen so far. Good results can be achieved starting at just around 100W. The best efficiency will be gained by pulling a little more than 200W out of this power supply.

Power Factor Correction

With lower input voltages we once again have very good results. With 230VAC it was a little bit odd that it started at such a low result of just .85 and needed 200W to gain an acceptable result. The trade-off between efficiency and PFC due to input voltage is a topic that can be (and has been) debated for a long time, and since the reality is that you'll be stuck with whatever voltage the country you live in uses, we won't get too hung up on it.

Test Setup and DC Outputs Temperatures, Fan Speed, and Noise


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  • irev210 - Wednesday, September 05, 2007 - link

    Zippy is used in the best servers built buy Sun/Tyan/HP etc.

    That is why I personally love zippy. They are built like tanks with quality being #1.

    While seasonic makes good PSU's, they are not built like zippy. For average consumer, they do not need such overdesigned PSU's. Seasonic will work fine.

    For those that want absolute best/most durable pick zippy.
  • Phlargo - Tuesday, September 04, 2007 - link

    It's amazing just to check out these reviews to see what wonderful combinations of features and performance these companies can create. Seriously, 89% efficiency is impressive there aren't a lot of areas in our world we can boast this kind of input->output efficiency.

    Even if it isn't totally silent and or perfect in other ways (and it consequently doesn't elicit my purchase), it's an impressive piece of hardware and a great review.

    I'm really enjoying the detail and care that is put into these power supply reviews - great methodology and thinking!
  • JEDIYoda - Tuesday, September 04, 2007 - link

    I agree the reviewer takes very seriously what he is doing.

    I also must say though that eficiency is not the only criteria for purchasing a PSU!

    It is very possible to have a highgly efficient PSU and at a later date have to RMA it.
    Efficiency does not equate to quality and longevity!!

    I see no reason to chose that PSU over say a Corsair....

  • John - Tuesday, September 04, 2007 - link

    It's been almost 2 months and there are still no ripple results. Are you stockpiling reviews? Have you received an o-scope yet? ;)

    If we look at the graphs both the 3.3V & 5V come close to going out of spec, and the 12V had a ~.4 drop. The fan is far from quiet. Efficiency and "build quality" aside, I really don't see what's so special about this psu. Why would I want to purchase this particular Zippy over a Corsair HX620? Corsair (Seasonic) gives us a total of 4 PCIe connectors (2x 6-pin & 2x 6+2-pin), modular cables, 105C rated industrial caps, quiet fan, and a 5 yr warranty with one of the best RMA's in the business.

    Price and availability has always been a problem with Zippy. What's the RMA turnaround time?

    On a lighter note thanks for cutting the number of pages in half.

  • Christoph Katzer - Tuesday, September 04, 2007 - link

    I think we have a different opinion about reviews in total. When I am searching a product I don't need anybody telling me that I need to buy that PSU. I would rather like to see different reviews and build my own opinion. Where we would be when I would tell you marketing reasons why to buy this PSU and not any other Corsair one? From your post it's already clear you don't see the point of choosing Zippy and that is everything a review is about, isn't it?

    In case of ripple... We will have ripple results as well as many other additional ones. It just took a little longer than expected.
  • JEDIYoda - Tuesday, September 04, 2007 - link

    I also noticed no ripple results but in the scheme of things do we really want to be doing everything exactly the way other sites seem to mirror each other in how they test there PSU`s?
    Seems to me like the information given here is accurate and well written and very useful.
    Even without ripple results! ,-- albeit would be a nice touch:D
    These other sites that say they refuse to read your reviews due to no ripple results is so bogus. let`s say 20 people at mosts when Anands site has how many thousands who read everything?

    I find it interesting the only people complaining about the lack ripple results are other people who test PSU`s or think they know ...ok now to move on....

    As with the first Zippy PSU tested I see no glaring reason to choose the Zippy over any of the top quality PSU`s that Seasonic makes using the Seasonic name as well as being the OEM for other brands.

    As with othr top quality PSU..namely the PC Power & Cooling there fan is also loud but hey it doe the job!!

    I am not convinced that modular cables are a plus or a minus..possibly more of a preference that being good or bad.

    Then we have cables coming out of the PSU not being posibly adequately secured.

    Finally--- prices will likely be in the $170+ range, which is a lot to pay for a 600W PSU. On the other hand, the Zippy Serene is one of the best power supplies we have seen so far and should bring very stable and reliable service to any owners.

    So we know that PSu`s such as Zippy and PC Power & Cooling as well as a few other have been known to last a very long time. Even past the warranty period!

    But can we conclude the same about the new Zippy`s coming out or shoul we say we need to wait and see??

    To RMA the thing could be a real nightmare...we will see....when they bcome available.

    A very all very well written review!!

    Just don`t get caught up trying to please 20 people from other sites....when you are out to please the members of this site and once again not the 20 or so members of other sites who visit here every so often!!


  • John - Wednesday, September 05, 2007 - link

    It's not a matter of copying other sites, it a matter of supplying the necessary information to gauge the quality of a psu. ATX spec lists an acceptable range for ripple, and some "high quality" and a lot of "low quality" psu's go out of spec which can contribute to premature hardware failure. I just cannot fathom how someone can afford a Chroma 61604 and not a ~$200 o-scope for testing ripple. If Christoph didn't think ripple was worth measuring he wouldn't keep saying "ripple results coming soon....." Reply
  • Christoph Katzer - Wednesday, September 05, 2007 - link

    Actually my o-scope was more expensive than the parts of the Chroma: Tektronix TDS3014B Reply
  • Christoph Katzer - Tuesday, September 04, 2007 - link

    For my personal use I would prefer every main stream PSU since the RMA will be quick and without problems. It's the same like when you are driving a Toyota or a Ferrari. Which one will be quicker repaired once sth is wrong?

    Zippy does simply not have anybody in the US with the proper equipment to change components etc. They will let the company send it to them and then an engineer will have a look at it. Corsair takes a new PSU out of the stock and sends it to you.

    For example the top brand in Germany "be quiet!" has the service of changing your faulty PSU within 48hrs. They just send you a new one and take your old one with them and probably throw it away. So who would not prefer to buy such a PSU?
  • JEDIYoda - Tuesday, September 04, 2007 - link

    I agree and we can also add to that list of turn around time when doing an RMA several othr companies. Such as PC Power & Cooling!

    I had a friend have to RMA his and all he did was call them and his replacement was sitting at his front door the next day. Thatwas even before he had a chance ship the bad unit.

    BTW he had to pay nothing out of pocket. Yep--24--48 hrs is awesome !!

    you are corrct Chris!!


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