Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Performance

We make use of the Lighthouse demo for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. We have been using this benchmark for quite some time and facilitate automation with the scripts published at Beyond 3D. This benchmark is fairly close to in game performance for our system, but midrange users may see a little lower real world performance when tested with a lower speed processor.

Our settings all used the highest quality level possible including the extra SM3.0 features. As the advanced shaders and antialiasing are mutually exclusive under SC:CT, we left AA disabled and focused on the former. We set anisotropic filtering to 8x for all cards.

For this 3rd person stealth game, ultra high frame rates are not necessary. We have a good playing experience at 25 fps or higher. There may be the framerate junkie out there who likes it a little higher, but our recommendation is based on consistency of experience and ability to play the game without a degraded experience.
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Performance

Those out there who like a smoother than necessary framerate will be happy with the performance of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory under any of these cards. Once again we see the X1900 XT 256MB card outpacing the 7950 GT, with 7950 GT SLI performance splitting the difference between the 7950 GX2 and 7900 GTX SLI.

Nothing much changes with the other resolutions. Even at 1920x1440 these cards remain playable. The 7900 GS pulling in at less than 30fps isn't that big an issue with this stealth based title, and 7900 GS SLI leads the X1950 XTX in performance. The 7950 GT lags behind both X1900 XT flavors throughout testing.

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  • pmcguire - Thursday, September 21, 2006 - link

    Anyone tried the XFX card in a Zalman HD160 case?
    I have ordered one but now I am getting nervous that the heatsink is too high.

  • zemane - Saturday, September 16, 2006 - link


    Today also marks the day that ATI slated for the availability of their X1300 XT, X1650 Pro, X1900 XT 256MB, and X1950 series. We currently see very limited availability of the X1950 XTX, X1900 XT 256MB and X1300 XT cards, ...

  • marine73 - Friday, September 15, 2006 - link

    With some versions of the 7900GT costing $280, you'd have to be nuts not to spend the xtra $20 bucks to get the additional 256Mb of ram. The performance increase is obvious from the charts, and since most Nvidia cores do OC fairly well (my BFG is running 580/800) you could most likely get the 7950GT to peform like a 7900GTX, for about 150-200 bucks less. Now if only they can get them to be DirectX 10 compliant... Reply
  • Pastuch - Thursday, September 14, 2006 - link

    In Canada you can buy an ATI/Saphire X1900xt 512mb for $299. A 7950GT goes for $350. These prices are pulled from this weeks flyer at NCIX.com, the Canadian Newegg.

    As always, Nvidia screws over Canadian customers.
  • yyrkoon - Monday, September 18, 2006 - link

    Gee, lets see, I wonder if buying a graphics card that is currently based in my home country is cheaper than one that has to be imported . . .

    Wait until ATI moves to the US . . .
  • Pastuch - Thursday, September 14, 2006 - link

    THe lowest price I can find in Canada on a 7900GT is $290.

    ROFL at Nvidia.

    P.S. I actually would rather buy Nvidia but the prices up here are so out of whack I can't justify it.
  • coldpower27 - Friday, September 15, 2006 - link

    Yeh, Nvidia currently is expensive in Canada, until prices normalize the X1900 XT 512 is a pretty good deal, as long as it remains in supply. Reply
  • xsilver - Thursday, September 14, 2006 - link

    down here in australia - its the other way around
    nvidia is cheaper
    7900gt = 374au ($280US approx
    x1900xt = 410AU (308US approx)

    ati is still the better buy because its faster.
    it actually gets worse in the lower price bracket of x1900gt as they are quite hard to find and really expensive
  • xsilver - Thursday, September 14, 2006 - link

    oh wait - just looked again
    that x1900xt is the 256mb model
    if u want the 512mb model
    = 525au (395US)

    7950gt 512mb = $430au = 325us

    big difference!
  • splines - Friday, September 15, 2006 - link

    Same with all electronics, pretty much. Everything from mobile phones up to the AUD$1000 PS3 - and Americans complain about $600?

    The really odd thing is we have the second highest standard of living in the world, yet our currency is also one of the most undervalued amongst western industrialised nations. Granted, our market is small, but 20-odd million people still have a lot of purchasing power.

    *sighs* Maybe one day they'll take us seriously.

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