Canopus AGP Total3D 128V "WitchDoctor" Review
Teaching an old Dog New Tricks
What kind of company would step up, in the hour of the 3Dfx Voodoo2, and release a new video card based on the aging nVidia Riva 128 chipset? title.gif (40227 bytes)

The same type of company that would breathe more life into the Voodoo market by releasing a 6MB Voodoo1 board while the rest of the competition was playing around with 4MB designs. The same type of company that would go above and beyond the call of duty by completely modifying the 3Dfx reference Voodoo2 design with their entry into the market.

The company that had the guts to release a card based on a year old chipset? Canopus.

What new tricks has Canopus taught nVidia's slowly dying chipset? More than enough to give the Riva 128 a farewell fit for a king.

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